Monday, January 31, 2011

Atom Model

We are in Volume 5, Chapter 6 of Weaver.
Since this chapter is about Jesus' miracles, we are learning alot of science. :) 
We were talking about atoms, not to exciting for any of us, lol. The assignment was to make an atom model using colored marshmallows glued to paper but we had done something similar in the past and a cat had eaten the marshmallows! 
So ~ I looked for something different. :) 

I found this video on YouTube 

So using this video as our guide, the girls made their atom model.
Sis was NOT thrilled with the project, so at first Bug & her tried to work together. 
Of course that went over like a lead balloon! lol.
Here's Bug with her model.
 Hunny had lots of fun playing with the clay! 
 Sis and her model. 
 Hard at work...
 Hmmm, well ok, this no longer resembles the lithium atom! ROTFLOL! :) But she had fun at least!

Loving school time with my girls! 

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