Thursday, January 6, 2011

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Einstein was diagnosed with PTSD also in 2004. 

US Dept. of Veterans Affairs  has some decent information on PTSD in kids. 

I had really only heard of soldiers dealing with this, until I read "When love is not enough" by Nancy Thomas. Because of that bit of a 'heads up' I wasn't overly surprised at the diagnosis. 
Einstein had lived through a difficult early childhood. 

Obviously it takes a trauma to cause PTSD, and he had been witness and victim to many various traumas. 

The symptoms we see or have seen 
*violent play - bringing (repeating) the trauma into their play 
*fear & anxiety
*low self esteem
*lack of TRUST
*difficulty concentrating
*exaggerated startle response

There is treatment in various forms of therapy, and we have tried this with him. None has helped him deal effectively, perhaps because his other issues are hindering the healing processes here?  

Other helpful sites to check are emedicinehealth 
and hiddenhurt

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