Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just checking in...

 So it's been about two weeks since I've visited, figured it'd be a good time to check in. 
I think I might need to keep checking in to hold myself accountable and keep striving towards my goals.

Sis and I attended a Bridal Expo today. 
Got some ideas (and an amazing massage!) and have plenty of work to be doing in order to pull off a beautiful wedding for my baby girl. 
They went and had engagement pics done yesterday. 
This time is going to fly by! 
Momma isn't so sure about this...

I think I've been making some good steps towards my goals so far.

~I started a devotional reading on the You Version app. 
Have read the past 15 days, not missing one.
It's not quite what I was thinking, but I guess it's a start on my goal of spending more time in the Bible. 

~I've attended two yoga classes so far this month, I did miss class last week due to the weather, but I did a yoga dvd I have. 
Still feeling soreness, but sticking to it.
I've discovered a LOT of great yoga inspiration on Instagram.
There are some amazing ladies out there! 

~I've started a book for the Back to the Classics Challenge, 'O Pioneers' and am currently about 50% through it. 
I've also started reading 
although I'm only on page 16. 

~This is my third post for January so I'm happy I've made it here at least more than in 2014, lol! 

~I have gotten to crochet a bit. 
Working on a baby gift for my great nephew. 
Got stopped on one portion as I ran out of blue yarn....and then got stopped on another when I realized it was calling for triple crochet. Need to google that one! 
I also have an order for an arm knit scarf that I hope to get done this evening. 
My first order! 
So exciting for me. 

~I have not made it to any cemeteries but have looked longingly at them as driving past...

~I've done a small (very small) amount of cleaning & organizing. 
I have dropped off one decent sized box plus a few larger items to Good Will, and have another box almost full. 
We've also taken some winter gear in and donated it at Sis's orthodontist office, as they have a collection drive each year.

Overall I am thinking that January has gone well. 
I've made some good progress and am staying on task. 
How are your goals and resolutions coming? 


Sunday, January 11, 2015

What I'm reading for the Back to the Classics Challenge

So as you know,  I signed up for the Back to the Classics Challenge over at Karens Books and Chocolate. 
Being the slightest bit OCD like I am, I've been chewing over what books to put on my list and gather...
So - 
here is what I'm planning on reading for this challenge.

1. 19th Century Classic - I'm starting with 

I'm picking this one simply because I do like to read what the girls are reading for school, and this is the next book Bug will be reading. Beyond that, it does sound really good.

2. 20th Century Classic - I had a much harder time deciding on this category, but finally decided to try 

3. A Classic by a Woman Author - This was an easy choice! 
(I couldn't find an image of the version I will be reading. I have a Juvenile Library hardcover edition that sadly, has no dust jacket)
I've been wanting to read this one for years just haven't had the time. I LOVE the movie though. 

4. A Classic in Translation - 

5. A Very Long Classic Novel - 

6. A Classic Novella - 

7. A Classic with a Person's Name -
I'm positive I have this book in our school library, but Bug couldn't find it today. If I can't scrounge up a copy, this may change, but I've been wanting to read it with the girls.

8. A Humorous Classic -

9. A Forgotten Classic - 

10. A Nonfiction Classic - I'm super excited to attempt this one! I even cashed in some swagbucks to buy a physical copy to add to our school library! 

11. A Classic Children's Book -

12. A  Classic Play - I had a REALLY hard time deciding this category! 

Have you decided to join the challenge yet? 
Do you think I've made some good choices? 
A lot of these are new to me authors so I sure hope so! 

Country Girl

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sure is dusty round here...

It sure is dusty round here! There are cobwebs everywhere! 
Seems like it's been a long time since I've stopped by.

There has been lots happening in our life, 
and I just haven't made much time for my poor ole blog. 
But here it is, a brand spanking new (and going to be a crazy busy one too!) year and that has gotten me to thinking... 

My baby girl has gotten engaged and we are busy planning a wedding! 
But even amidst that joy and tears, there is still our lives to be lived and things for us to do. 

So, what do I want to accomplish this year? 
Well after doing some thinking, I've made a list of my goals.
 I sure do hate the words 'New Years Resolutions', as they just always get broke, so I like 'Goals' much better. 

~~Goals for 2015~~

~ I need to spend more time reading the Bible. 
This is an area where I have always struggled. 
I LOVE our Bible time in school and I love learning with the kids. 
I really enjoy learning at church. 
It's my personal, private time that I struggle with. 
Finding the time, or often just the ALERTNESS, or of knowing where and what to read, etc. have been what I struggle with.
I'd love to hear your tips or suggestions! 

~I need to work on getting myself fit.
I've struggled with my weight since I was eleven. 
I'm so tired of dieting. 
So this year I've decided to focus simply on getting fit.
Sis and I went to our first Yoga class last night. 
It was fun. 
I'm starting my goal low, in that I am hoping to attend class at least once a week. 
If I can go more, great, if not, once is a start. 
I'm also hoping to add in some other things at home. 
I mean, after all, I DO have to look somewhat decent as the Mother of the Bride right? 

~I want to read more. 
We read a lot in school, but it seems like it's been months since I've read anything for ME. 
Again, there is that time and alertness issue....
I stumbled across this Back to the Classics Challenge at Karens Books and Chocolate. 
It sounds like a lot of fun and might help motivate me into reading. 
Bonus is that I can tie in Civil War era lit for some of this! 
Be sure to check out her challenge and let me know if you are joining the fun!

~I want to do a bit more here. 
I KNOW I won't be doing daily posts, but I sure hope to be here a bit more often than in 2014. lol! 

~I want to spend more time crafting and sewing.
My Civil War sewing list is atrociously long! 
I recently learned to crochet and my project list is huge! 
I really need to polish my knitting skills and get busy there.
I haven't scrap booked in YEARS, and would like to make some headway there. 
Not to mention everything else I enjoy doing or want to learn...

~I want to spend more time in the cemetery. 
Ok, I'm sure that just sounds plain weird, but as a genealogist, cemeteries are important places! 
I've joined Find a Grave and I want to be able to help others. 
My goal is to get out to and photograph more than what I did in 2014. 

~I want NEED to spend time organizing and cleaning this house.
We just have too much stuff that isn't needed or loved or used. 
Now granted, our house is 115 years old, it just doesn't have the storage space, and there are a lot of us too, but it needs to get gone through and organized and we need to majorly purge!
Which is actually the last of my goals. 

Things just need to go! 

So there is my seemingly huge and impossible list of goals.
Stay tuned and see how I'm doing with them, and feel free to share what your goals for this year are with me.
Maybe we could work on them together. 

Country Girl