Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Simple Woman's DayBook

Outside my window...It is sunny and cold. 

I am thinking...That Bug needs to get up so we can get going on school....

I am thankful...For an amazing husband.

From the learning rooms...Weaver Vol. 5, Chapter 9.
Yesterday we learned about topographical maps and causes of weathering. 

In the kitchen...Coffee. 
Trying to decide what's for dinner now that I have used up all the turkey? 

I am wearing...Black plaid fleece, blue jeans, tennis shoes.

I am creating...List of Christmas goodies to make.

I am going...To be herding the kids upstairs to school soon!

I am wondering...Why SO many movies have to be cluttered with nasty language?

I am reading...The Shack - hope to finish yet this week.
Farmer Boy
My side of the Mountain
The Wedding Dress 

I am hoping...God provides Good Ole Boy with a better job.

I am looking forward to...Getting our Christmas Tree!

I am hearing...The Young Riders on Netflix.

Around the house...It's looking like Christmas!

I am pondering...Gift giving this year.

One of my favorite things...Snuggling with my girls.

A few plans for the rest of the week:Girl Scouts, Work, Getting our Tree, Seeing Santa, Christmas Parade, Visiting the Alpaca Farm, & Church.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Simple Woman's DayBook

Outside my window...It is a beautiful sunny day 
- just wish it was warm enough for me to enjoy it! 
Bug is outside, but I think it's cold. 

I am thinking...Of all left to do!

I am thankful...For so very much!
I am very Blessed indeed! 
From the learning rooms...We didn't get much accomplished this week....
my new endeavor has us scrambling a bit as we learn our new routines. 
Good news - we borrowed some math books for Sis to try a totally different curriculum - we'll see.

In the kitchen...Thanksgiving prep.
I have boiled three dozen eggs, 
cooked and froze a pumpkin,
made three batches of pumpkin muffins....
much left to do out there today! 
Taking a break looking for a pumpkin scone and pear pie recipe....
ummm, yeah, really I am!

I am wearing...MY slippers!
Red CCCB t-shirt over my ancient gray BUM sweatshirt, blue windpants and socks.
My hair is currently up in a headband wrapped like a scrunchie to try and keep hair out of the food.
Did I mention I was wearing my amazing slippers? 
I have NEVER loved slippers like these!

I am creating...Lots of yummy food for tomorrow.

I am going...To start decorating for Christmas this weekend.

I am wondering...Why my camera died and how I can afford another right now?

I am reading...The Shack
My side of the Mountain 
Farmer Boy
The Wedding Dress 

I am hoping...God provides Good Ole Boy with a better job.

I am looking forward to...Bedtime!

I am hearing...Bug is doing dishes, 
Sis is making cookies,
Hunny and Einstein are watching Wizards of Waverly Place on Netflix. 

Around the house...It looks good.
Decorated for Thanksgiving. 

I am pondering...Black Friday....

One of my favorite things...Mashed potatoes!
My favorite Thanksgiving food.  

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Thanksgiving, starting my Christmas decorating, Church, School, Work.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Such a touchy subject.
Although I personally have mixed feelings regarding it,
we do participate.
Here's a glimpse.

So my baby was supposed to be a cute fairy....
until we go to change and can't find the costume ANYWHERE!
A quick and panicked search through the costume tote produced this...
She called it (and informed each house) a "good" witch.
huh, she hasn't even watched Wizard of Oz....?

So Bug took Wiz with her....
he was SO good!
She said she was famous for all the comments, questions and pictures! lol

Sis hasn't trick or treated in a few years,
so this year asked to stay home and hand out candy.
We've NEVER passed out candy.
She had a fun time and ran out fairly quickly.
We estimated 100 visitors.
(I can't say kids, as she said some adults stopped to. 
Gotta say I just don't think that's right....)
Guess next year we need more candy?

Einstein did a great job on his transformer pumpkin.
He was however, 
very mad at me for not allowing him to trick or treat,
and has expressed his dislike of my decision for the past week.

Did you trick or treat this year?


Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Simple Womans DayBook


Outside my window...It is dark, lol. 
Rainy and dreary earlier.

I am thinking...That I am SO HUNGRY!
Waiting for Good Ole Boy to get home for dinner.

I am thankful...For my slippers that are just so wonderfully comfortable on my tired, aching feet.

From the learning rooms...Weaver vol. 5, Chapter 9, Day 10.
Yesterday we made paper cutout snowflakes.
Apparently I've never taught the older girls how to make these?
Sis spray painted them after wards.

In the kitchen...Einstein is doing dishes and fighting with Hunny.
Pasties are in the oven. 
Cinnamon vanilla candle burning.
I am wearing... Blue fleece hoodie with Eyeore, pj bottoms and slippers

I am creating...A "hunny do list" for Good Ole Boy.

I am going...To go to bed early tonight. 
I've been so tired lately.

I am wondering...Why we suddenly have moths eating wool?

I am reading...The Shack by Wm. P. Young
 Farmer Boy - school
My side of the Mountain - school
The Wedding dress - lit with Sis 

I am hoping...That Einstein hurries out of this mood he's in.
Currently he is mad that I didn't let him go trick or treating so is lashing out.  

I am looking forward to...The Civil War Ball on Saturday!

I am hearing...Girls have a movie on Netflix - think its Barnyard.

Around the house...Halloween decorations are coming down and Thanksgiving ones are going up.
I have almost gotten the living room deep cleaned and organized! Just a bit left to do there.
Sis has started in the dinning room and done quite a bit in the shelving wall for organizing.
I worked there out today and got some done as well. 

I am pondering... How to fit in more craft time?

One of my favorite things...My new slippers! 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  School, Civil War Ball, Church, and work.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Come and Get It

Yeah so I'm really late.
Even worse - I haven't really made a menu for the week!

It was a busy weekend.
So whatever.

Here's what I got...
Lunch - picnic of pb sandwiches and doritos 
Supper - ended up being $1 menu at McDonalds since we were stuck in town

Breakfast - toast
Supper - baked potatoe soup 
Prep - pull chicken 
Breakfast - Bacon and toast
Supper - chicken and veggie stir fry
 Prep - soak beans

Breakfast - toast
Supper - Beans
Prep - soak flour, pull pastie filling

Breakfast - pancakes
Supper - Chicken pasties
 Prep - Soak oats, pull pork

Breakfast - Oatmeal
Supper - pork steak, squash...?

(So not much, but this is what I'm working with this week - at least I have some sort of plan!) and hope to do a better planning job for next!