Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010

So we had a wonderful Christmas! 
Everything that was one the "list" was purchased, and we had very happy kids. 
This year we tried something new. We made a list of three items, with a price limit, for them to list what they wanted most. It worked really well and ended the expensive crazy requests. (Well, until they saw Santa!)

Wanted to share just a few highlights...
Hunny wanted a mermaid tail SO badly! It's still not quite what she wants - she wants something she can actually swim in! Sigh. I *need* to learn how to sew! 
Not on her list, but needed since her account was expiring. Webkinz keep her really content when sisters have activities at church and we are sitting there for 3 hours! :) 
Daddy surprised Bug and Sis with a hoodie from his work.
Of course, Sis got Eclipse! 
Bug had recently watched Open Season so had to get it. :) 
BumbleBee Transformer
And for the Greek mythology nut....Percy Jackson.
Bug has been after this bat Webkinz - he doesn't show up to well though.
I LOVE the look on her face! :) She is holding the Twilight soundtrack.
Beauty and the Beast for Hunny
A pillow pet 
We get the kids an ornament every year. This is a special one daddy picked out. 

So just a glimpse of our Christmas. 
Hope that your family had a blessed holiday season as well!

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