Friday, January 28, 2011


Einstein was diagnosed with Anxiety in 2004. 
Honestly, it's always been referred to as simply anxiety, so in researching this, I assume it is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. 
You can read more at WebMD
Here are the symptoms we see:
*constant worry
*unrealistic view of problems
*restless or edgy
*muscle tension
*sweating - now this is mostly seen when he "flips out", or rages - sweat POURS off him
*difficulty concentrating
*trouble sleeping
*easily startled

What causes anxiety in kids?
While some anxiety is normal in anyones life, the following can cause an anxiety disorder;
*brain chemistry - remember those neurotransmitters we talked about with ODD? 
*environmental factors - trauma, abuse, etc. Which, as you've learned, he's had plenty of. 

Treatment for anxiety includes medication and the Wellbutrin is also used for that. 

As of right now, this concludes Einsteins list of psychiatric diagnoses. He had a neuropsych evaluation yesterday so we'll learn in about a month the results of that. 
As you've learned, he is a complicated kid, and needless to say, very difficult to parent! 
I would appreciate your prayers. :) 

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