Friday, January 21, 2011

Movie Night - Grown ups

We had gotten Grown ups as a dinner time movie since the previews looked SO funny. 
While it WAS hilarious, I should have researched it a bit more. 
We still would have rented it, but it would have been for us and not the family.

Grown ups is about a group of friends that had played basketball together in school. Now years later, they have been brought back together and are meeting each others families and getting to know each other again. 

The problems I had with the movie was the sex talk mostly. There was minor nudity in a butt shot however that was not portrayed as sexual at all. 
I also wish I would have known about the tooth fairy scene as that produced a very upset girl. 
(especially since she lost a tooth the following day!)

I give it 4.5 stars for an adult movie and have to suggest that it's previewed first for your family.
For my kids, I'd rather they not view it again. 
For adults, that want a laugh, this is it.

~~~Country Girl~~~

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