Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Completing Him Challenge --Catch up from week 2

So week twos challenge was to talk about our dating days....hahaha. Funny since we didn't really date! 

(Me - shortly before we met)

My mom says I knew Good Ole Boy from way back. He was in her Sunday School class. But I don't remember that!!
I was working as a daycare assistant and living with a friend and her little boy. I came home from work and was making Indian Tacos for our dinner. It had been an early day and I was tired and quite honestly crabby. Kelly's cousin and his brother stopped by. They ate ALL my tacos! I was SO MAD! Sigh. Yep, you guessed it - Good Ole Boy was the brother. lol. 
Shortly after that we were driving to the gas station. My car didn't have a working gas gauge and I knew I was getting low. I was at a stop light kiddie corner from the station when I ran out of gas. We didn't even have time to think when .... my knight showed up. Good Ole Boy just happened to be driving through town, saw us, and pulled up right behind. He ended up pushing us to the gas station and helped get my car running again. He then said that I owed him. Well now, 14 years later here we are. 

He was really young when we got together. Still in high school & already had Einstein. I say 'when we got together' because really, we didn't "date". He came over to my place, I went over to his folks, but that was mostly it. I don't remember going out and doing the whole dating thing. It was just us, together, and then I got pregnant so quickly with Sis (yes, I was rebellious then and NOT living the way I should have been).
(Good Ole Boy & Einstein shortly after we met)

One thing I have missed is the time to just spend with him. I remember watching him work on cars and us talking. Having kids has hindered that alot. But I AM working on that! I try to go watch him when he is working on things now, and with Sis being old enough to babysit, we can leave them for a bit here & there and go out - ALONE to talk. It's really nice when we can do that. :) 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... It is beautiful but slightly cool today. I hear dogs barking somewhere and birds chirping just off the porch.

I am thinking... How quickly time flies by! I can't believe its the end of June already! :( Summer is my absolute favorite season and I wish it was much much MUCH longer!

I am thankful for... My family, I am truly blessed! 

From the learning rooms... We are back at it after a week off for VBS and GS daycamp. It's nice to be home this week, lol. :) Hunny is learning about day 4 of Creation. Specifically, we are learning about how the sun influences time and seasons. We started with summer (yeah! and it fits so nicely lol) and she made paper dolls yesterday with summer clothes / items. She was enthralled with these dolls! Totally shocked - in a good way of course. She spent HOURS playing with them yesterday and already today. we didn't get her lessons done yesterday so finished today and she is anxious for more clothes. ;) The other girls are learning about reproduction - much to Sis's embarrassment. Of course, individual learning is still ongoing with Hebrew for Sis and math, spelling & reading for all. Last night we finally finished "Drive thru history - Rome if you want to" and it was wonderful to hear them comment on things that we had discussed during school and learn things that we hadn't touched on. 

From the kitchen... Not much. Venison burger is thawing for dinner tonight. 

I am wearing... Purple shorts & a tie died tank top. Probably should have worn warmer clothes but.... it's summer! 

I am creating...  A more organized home. I've been FLYing fairly well these past few weeks and while you probably can't see much - I can and it feels great! 

I am going... To work harder at being Good Ole Boys ideal helpmeet. 

I am reading... New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. Twilight was amazing. I know there is some disagreement as to the content amongst Christian readers, but I thought it was very good and thought provoking. I finished Blessing in Disguise by Lauraine Snelling in one day (Excellent read!) so onto New Moon.

I am hoping... That my wii fit playing will be paying off soon. Sigh. At the end of month one I hadn't lost any weight although I felt better. Since I feel the difference I hope to start seeing some results soon.

I am hearing... The girls arguing. Hmmm... I guess individual work is done? They are playing mancala and having a disagreement as to rules and each others playing techniques.

Around the house... The windchimes on the front porch are clinking in the breeze, the washer is spinning out and the fans are making their noises.

One of my favorite things... Quiet time reading. which having four kids doesn't happen often, lol. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: We have a small animal clinic tonight - these help prepare the kids for showmanship at the fair, School, goat care, work.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
 My family taken June 2010 for our homeschool groups yearbook.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Completing Him Challenge

Of course, I discover this challenge LATE. Sigh. How so like me. :S 

Oh well! I Am still going to try and complete this. Better late than never right? I'm not sure if I should just carry it over after 8/9 or combine challenges so that will come eventually. 

So, it sounds like week one was just announcing the challenge, easy enough. :) 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... It is a beautiful evening. A few vehicles are driving by but otherwise all I hear is the occasional bird chirp.

I am thinking...That I NEED to do this blog entry today! I missed last week, and have even had ideas for "regular" entries but no time in which to sit down and write. :( 

I am thankful for...Being able to homeschool my kids! I would be absolutely lost without them! (as is being really reinforced this week!)

From the learning rooms...This is a break week. Well, a break from school, BBBUUUTTTT a crazy week nonetheless! LOL! We are getting up early, leaving before 8 am. UGH! Going to the ranch to take care of Chippers. Except for yesterday (they are closed on Monday) Einstein will then stay there to volunteer. We get to town and I take the two little to VBS. AWESOME program! Wow! Sis & I then hang out a bit - our routine is to take bags to Goodwill/Salvation Army & then hang out at the park and read until 11:30. Then it's make her lunch and get her dropped off. She is a PA (program aide) for daycamp.  Then I'm off to pick up the littles from VBS. We go to the park and have lunch. By 1 Bug heads off to daycamp. Then it's just Hunny and I until Thursday when she gets to stay. When Hunny and I get home it's a whatever day. Yesterday we visited with a dear friend and today we were outside. I weeded part of the garden whilst she played in the hose/wading pool. Einstein gets picked up at 5 and I feed Chip. We come home he does chores & assignments, eats and heads to bed. Good Ole Boy picks the girls up after work and they get home about 9, do buns, repack their bags for tomorrow and head to bed themselves. Hmmmm.....I think school is more relaxing lol! :D 

From the kitchen...Dinner was leftovers from last night. I hate cooking for just a few of us! Dishes weren't done as we ran out of dishsoap. Oops! 

I am wearing...A black tank top & maroon shorts.

I am going... To play my wii fit, shower and head to bed shortly. I am so NOT a morning person! 

I am reading... Twilight. Enjoying it thus far. 

I am hoping...To truly start to F.L.Y. soon! 

I am hearing...Nothing but the's great! But weird. I miss my kids, lol! 

Around the house...I've been trying to bless our bedroom each day. Have been working on getting Hunny's clothes pile taken care of (her dresser is still in our closet which takes alot of our space.) and hanging some of our things. We've taken 6 bags plus misc items to GW/SA so far and there are 3 more loaded for tomorrow and I hope to have more for both Thursday & Friday to drop off. It feels SO good to get rid of some things! 

One of my favorite things...Hearing Hunny singing in the shower this evening about the Armor of God. So amazing to hear her little sing song voice singing out like that. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Well, I guess I already shared some of that. : )Day Camp will have a program at the end of camp Thursday night, and then VBS will have a Renaissance Fair at the end of the week as well.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
 Here is Sis on her birthday. It was windy and the candles wouldn't stay lit so Good Ole Boy uses the firestarter, lol. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... It has rained all night so it damp & drippy. Feels wonderful as I peer out the window! 

I am thinking... How nice parts of my house feel as I have been following FlyLady this week! :) Some days are so busy, hers are the first emails that I delete. 

I am thankful for... My husband & kids. They are so very precious to me!

From the learning rooms... All the girls are wrapping up chapters this week - nope, they didn't get them done last week as I had hoped. Einstein is out of school, so he has started his summer math program, and will be a jr. volunteer at the ranch all summer. 

From the kitchen... Coffee is on. 

I am wearing... Black jeans & a blue teddy bear tshirt

I am creating... A new summer schedule.

I am going... To the ranch here shortly. Drop Einstein off & Bug needs to feed Chippers. Then swing into the library to see if our DVD "Drive Thru History with Dave Scotts: Rome if you want to" has arrived. Full school day after that. 

I am reading...Nothing yet. Twilight is on standby.

I am hoping... For a productive day. :) 

I am hearing... Nothing but the hmmm of the computer. Ahhh - silence! 

Around the house... Nothing yet - need to go awaken the children. 

One of my favorite things... Being home with my kids. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, work, ball, Sis's birthday! 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
 Bug's birthday

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... It's a nice evening; warm but calm. Neighborhood hounds are baying...probably because Einstein was out walking Dixie Belle. 

I am thinking... That I can't believe I almost forgot this today! Oops, those long weekends mess me up. 

I am thankful for... My group of Weaver Moms. They are very special to me. 

From the learning rooms... Even though public schools may be winding down, we are gearing up for summer learning. We haven't taken summers off in years and don't plan on starting now. Hunny is still learning about trees and working on her reading lessons. Bug & Sis are still working on Ancient Rome. We should be wrapping that up this week I hope. :) Sis has sttarted her new math program SOS (switched on Schoolhouse). It has been frustrating to learn the ropes of this but I think it'll be a fun way to do math once we get it down pat! Einstein will also be doing SOS over the summer since he has struggled so much with math.

From the kitchen... Not much right now. Einstein did some of his chores before the ball game and was just out there straightening up so I **hope** that the kitchen is acceptable in appearance! :) 

I am wearing... Jean shorts, a GS cookie t-shirt & tennis shoes. 

I am creating... Report cards as our 3rd marking period ended recently. I got the garden planted over the weekend - with the exception of the potatoes we want to try. I am attempting to create a healthier me by working out with the wii. :) 

I am going... To be doing said exercises on the wii here shortly! (once kids are herded off to bed)

I am reading... Nothing. I gave up on Pride & Prejudice, sigh. Twilight is next on my list and since it belongs to Sis it's sitting right here staring at me, lol. I've read parts of the Encyclopedia for Country Living this week pertaining to the garden, and read bits of Sis's literature program for next year - Learning to Love Literature. 

I am hoping... Get re-organized and re-focused.

I am hearing... Hunny getting ready for bed, Sis stalling with a movie (waiting for Bug to get back from taking care of Chip), dogs pacing with nails clicking on the floor. 

Around the house... Fans are running with the heat, kids are delaying bedtime. 

One of my favorite things... After the kids go to bed, having some quiet time with Good Ole Boy! 

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, ball, 4H.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Sis & Bug taking part in the Flag Ceremony during GS Spring Ceremony. 
I feel it's fitting with yesterday being Memorial Day.