Friday, January 14, 2011

Movie Night - Toy Story 3

We finally rented TS3. The kids had been wanting to see it since it came out. 
We had gotten Toy Story when Einstein was little and I was expecting Sis. So the kids have grown up with it. 
We have had many rounds of being into Woody and Buzz and have many of the toys around here.
This movie was pretty hard on mom. 
I am by nature an emotional and sentimental person, and honestly TS3 set off many waterworks for me. 
The story is that Andy is grown up and heading to college. He has to decide what to do with his childhood toys. In a mix up the toys wind up at a daycare and they have quite an adventure in getting home to Andy. 

It was very hard for me to watch Andy playing with his toys for the last time. 
I saw so much of my kids in this movie. 
They are growing so fast. 
There were flashbacks to Einstein running 'to infinity & beyond' with Buzz and Sis playing with Barbies and Bug begging for Woody for Christmas. 
Now, Sis, WAY past playing with toys on her own, rarely even plays with Hunny and her toys. 
It won't be long and she will be heading off as well. 
One of my favorite parts was when Buzz was in Spanish mode! 
I'll give it 5 stars...
But if you are a parent that has watched the other movies, make sure you have have kleenex! 

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