Thursday, January 20, 2011


Einstein was diagnosed with Depression in 2004.
WebMD  has information regarding childhood depression. 
I think he suffered with depression for years before the diagnoses, but given his circumstances, who wouldn't? Being in and out of counselors and Doctors, I am surprised it wasn't diagnosed sooner. 
Maybe everyone thought it normal for what he'd been through and would go away with time? 
Or maybe the symptoms were simply overlooked with all his other issues?

Symptoms we've seen of childhood depression
*irritability and anger
*feelings of sadness and hoplessness
*increased sensitivity to rejection  
*increased appetite
*vocal outbursts
*difficulty concentrating
*reduced ability to function
*feelings of worthlessness and guilt
*impaired thinking and concentration
*thoughts of death and suicide

Causes of childhood depression are similar to adult depression. For him, it was probably a combination of his stressful early home life which was chaotic, the abuse he had suffered, the abandonment he felt ALL combined with genetics - since he has a lot of depressed and suicidal family members. 

Treatment, like for adults is medication and therapy.
He has been on numerous medications, currently Welbutrin, to help with this.  

So, he was diagnosed at nine, he's now fifteen. 
He's still depressed.  
WebMD has information for adolescent depression as well.

Symptoms we see as a teen
*complaints of pain - many are vague, his most frequent are lower back and hip area
*difficulty concentrating
*difficulty making decisions
*irresponsible behavior
*memory loss
*preoccupation with death and dying
*rebellious behavior
*anxiety or feelings of hopelessness
*staying awake at night
*drop in grades - he has recently gone from all A's and 1 B, to 1 D and all E's

His Doctor has just added an extra dose of Welbutrin to his regimen, and we are waiting to see if that proves helpful.

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