Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Simple Woman's DayBook


Outside my window...
It has been a beautiful day! 
Now it is a lovely evening, all is quiet out there and a faint smell of smoke lingers in the air.

I am thinking...How much I love seeing kids dressed for reenactments, lol. Looking through a friends facebook album of his little guy all dressed up. SO cute!  

I am thankful...For my family.

In the kitchen...Dinner is about ready, and most of the days dishes have been washed.

I am wearing...Black Capri's and a purple Arkansas Crater of Diamonds T.

I am creating...My garden.

I am going...To be sore tomorrow from planting! 

I am wondering...Why the dogs are barking?

I am reading...The Good Wife's Guide
Nobel Cause: A Civil War Novel of love and war by Jessica James

I am hoping...
To get back into some sort of routine. We've been 'off' lately and I feel really far behind.

I am looking forward to...Going to the Lake Saturday to celebrate Bug's birthday.

I am learning...Well today I learned that maple syrup can mold. AND what to do about it. And don't walk away to wash dishes while you are boiling it because it will choose that exact moment to overflow...

Around the house...
A mess. 
~~Broilers are still in the dining room. Yes, I have learned how messy it is to have birds in the house. The dust is unreal! Therefore, I am NOT dusting again until they are all out! 
~~The laundry room is overflowing with clothes needing to be put away.
~~The living room just seems cluttered with Hunny's stuff.
~~My bedroom is a disaster and I also have piles of clothes there that got carted in to be put away but that is as far as I got...
~~The side yard looks like a lumber mill. Now I'm NOT complaining here! Really - Good Ole Boy is bringing all sorts of wood pallets home from work and that is great for our project list (and pocket book) but it is seriously taking over the yard and needs to find a better location and some organization!
~~The coop is up. Not finished, but at least done enough that the original batch of birds has been put into it. Good Ole Boy did a great job. 
~~The back yard is full of cages needing scrubbed. 
Rabbit cages that were used to temporarily house chickens.
~~All around are various plants needing to find a location to be planted and a stack of bagged soil.
~~The yard desperately needs mowed!

I am pondering...How to fit everything in.

A favorite quote for today...Hunny admonishing Bug
"Where is your bonnet?! You can not go outside without a bonnet, or you aren't a lady!"
lol. Where does she come up with this? And why does she think Bug (as a tomboy) would care?  

One of my favorite things...The cool water from the sprinkler hitting me as I'm working.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, Beach Party, Church, VBS.

A peek into my day.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Come and Get It

This weeks menu ~

Breakfast - Leftover weekend doughnuts
Dinner - Leftovers - pork steak, salad, yellow rice

Breakfast - Fruit/yogurt
Dinner - Hot Dogs, Fries, Pineapple

Breakfast - Toast & Fruit
Dinner - Chicken, Asparagus, Fries, Blueberries

Breakfast - Pancakes
Dinner - Bean soup 

Breakfast - Eggs & Toast
Dinner - Tacos

Fresh Fruit on Hand - Apples, Bananas, Strawberries (our garden has been producing ALOT this year!), Lemons, Kiwi, Blueberries (in state berries, even if not completely local).

What's on your menu?