Friday, January 7, 2011

Movie Night - Karate Kid

I grew up with the 'original' Karate Kid. 
I always loved Mr. Miyagi!

We just recently watched the 'new' Karate Kid. 
It was hard to not have Mr. Miyagi, but I do really like Jackie Chan. 
I felt that the movie followed the story line well, but was changed enough to be different.

In this movie, Dre's mom moved him to China for her job. 
He isn't thrilled to be there but things look up when he meets a pretty girl. That however causes problems with another boy, who is trained in kung fu and is very malicious. After numerous fights, the maintenance man, Mr.Han, steps in to assist Dre. 
As Dre learns kung fu, he discovers that it isn't all about fighting. Kung fu is all about life and respect is a large portion of that.

I think this is a good movie. Obviously there is violence since it deals with martial arts.There is a handful of swearing but I didn't feel it was overwhelming. 

I give 5 stars for a good message. 

My favorite quote:
"Life will knock you down, 
but we can choose to get back up." 
Mr. Han (Jackie Chan)

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