Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Sibling

I only have one sibling, my brother.
My mom insists that I begged for a brother.....but I don't believe her! lol. :)
I remember a small handful of times that we would get along and play but mostly I remember being popped in the nose when mom would walk out to get the mail and then I'd be laying there with a bloody nose and I would be the one to get into trouble! Go figure.

It probably didn't help that he got the tall genes AND the blonde hair! 
Today, he is married and they are attending Bible College in preparation of becoming missionaries.
He is attempting to teach Sis Biblical Hebrew, which he loves, and is currently learning Biblical Greek and is getting his feet wet preaching. 
Since they are states away, we only see them about twice a year between semesters. 

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