Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Well, we did it.

For the FIRST time in our married life, we braved the insanity for a few goodies. Wow!

I used to work at K-Mart so I KNEW the craziness from a cashiers point of view, and honestly, there hasn't been much worth going for. This year was the first. I feel bad for Good Ole Boy though. It was 12:30 when we got to bed last night, only for our alarms to be going off at 3:30. Ouch! AND he has to work all day today! :S 

But - he was game! 

We hit Wal-Mart first at about 4:30 for the 5 a.m. sales. Only one big deal there, something for Hunny. Then he grabbed a fuel filter for his truck and kitty food. (Hopefully the fuel filter helps our gas mileage which has been getting increasingly BAD!) But we got Hunny's big gift at a $50+ savings so that was huge for us. 

Then we headed across the road to Menards. It was 5:15 and doors did not open until 6. We were wrapped around the building and it was bitter cold and extremely windy! So NOT fun!  But we survived and got some good deals there. Good Ole Boy picked up a gun safe, we got Bug's big gift and some stocking stuffers. Plus some more candles for me! :D 

Will we do it again? Ummm, probably not regularly, it depends on the deals, but it wasn't a horrible experience by any means. There was one very rude customer at Menards and a few semi-rude ones but overall people were polite and the employees were very nice and helpful. 

I am happy that we got started on our shopping. 
Have you? 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

In todays world, most have heard about ADHD. I do honestly believe that it is over-diagnosed, and WAY over-medicated! But, for some, like Einstein, with all the other issues - you have to. :S
Now we KNEW he had ADHD LONG before he was ever diagnosed. Good Ole Boy has it. Most of the family actually suffers from ADD. And we didn't want to go the medication route, so we put off the test for quite awhile. Dietary changes helped some, but not enough. Combining ADHD with all the other behaviors was simply TOO much for me, so in 2002 he was officially diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - combined type. (meaning he has both attention problems and hyperactivity problems)  

So what IS ADHD? 
The CHADD website explains that it is a neuro-biological disorder that is hereditary. It can also be caused by prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol - which he also had. 

O.k., fine. But what does ADHD LOOK like? 
Well, in order to get a diagnosis these behaviors have to be ongoing for a certain period of time. I know everyone does them occasionally. 
Picture this CONSTANTLY....
* no attention to detail & careless mistakes
* can not pay attention for any length of time
* does not listen
* can not seem to follow through with instructions or requests
* VERY unorganized
* won't participate in activities that make him 'think'
* very easily distracted
* extremely forgetful 
* fidgets and squirms
* won't stay seated when "supposed" to
* runs around and climbs on things constantly
* can't do activities quietly
* always on the go (this has diminished as he's gotten older)
* chatterbox 
* blurts out answers
* major problems waiting in line & taking turns
* interrupts

Now - add these symptoms to the list I posted on CD.... 

So, what do you do after the diagnoses?
We had parent training called PCIT - parent and child interactive therapy. We had counseling for both him and us as a family. Many books were recommended. Many techniques were tried. None worked. Professionals were baffled by WHY none of these worked. We added in the medication. He has been on virtually every ADHD drug there is and maxed them all out. Currently, he takes vyvanse in the morning and dexedrine in the afternoon. Do I see improvement? No. Some days he is less violent than others but there is no pattern.
So what do we do? Honestly, I don't know. I could handle the ADHD. 
I mean, I know Good Ole Boy has it (yes, adults can have ADHD - it isn't always outgrown) and I am sure that Bug and Hunny do to. 
 It's the combination that I struggle with. 
So we keep going to the Dr. every month. 
We keep trying different drugs or combinations of them. 
And we keep hoping that someday, something will work.

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... It is black early morning and VERY windy. 

I am thinking... I am really tired still.

I am thankful for... My family. We just celebrated mine and Hunny's birthdays and it was a wonderful time to be together.

From the learning rooms...The older two are on Thanksgiving Break - kinda. We wrapped up our Weaver chapter last week and we typically take this whole week off. They were to finish a few assignments and make sure math and latin were up to date and that's it. I still want to do a bit with Hunny today but then she will be done for the week as well.

From the kitchen... Coffee is ready. Have a new candle ready to burn later - vanilla cinnamon. yummy.

I am wearing... P.J's

I am creating... Christmas presents! :) I can not go into detail *just in case* my mother in law visits here, lol.

I am going... To work a double shift tomorrow - blech.

I am reading... Will be finishing Jakes' book today. I have also started - per Einsteins Dr.s orders -  Your Defiant Teen by Russell Barkley & Arthur Robin. 

I am hoping... To have a wonderful Holiday. We typically go North to spend time with family but Good Ole Boy has to work very day but Thursday so we will be going to my parents instead. If the day goes well, we will spend time hunting and then go there after dark. It sure would be nice to get at least one deer too! Good Ole Boy took me out yesterday and Sunday. The first I've been hunting since I was pregnant with Sis! So it's been awhile. He saw one he wasn't able to get a clear shot at and I saw two.

I am hearing... A dog drink, a kitty in the litter box, and the computer noises.

Around the house... Need to take care of the dining room. It was raining quite a bit yesterday so all of our hunting stuff was laid out to dry and the guns are all open to dry out. Much to put away. Mt. Washmore needs to be climbed as always. Then just continue purging and organizing.

One of my favorite things... A kitty curled up on my lap or chest all content and purring. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, clean, work, hunting, Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, then perhaps start decorating for Christmas. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am THANKFUL for....

- I do not live in a tent. :) 
(o.k., I for some reason was thinking of the Yukon Quest whilst shivering that morning so was thankful to have wooden walls)
- To be an American and have the freedom to vote.
- That Jesus loves me.
- My husband! 
- My Weaver group. Very blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of women. 
- Bug, what a great kid. :) 
- Beautiful sunshine, although wishing it was warmer...
- The University and Dr.s that can treat the disorder and patients/parents well. That Einsteins surgery went well and that his sight is improving.
- Friends. Online and local they are both special to me.
- Hot coffee & showers! 
- Veterans, military wives & our freedoms.
- Sis, she is so helpful to me. :) 
- BEDTIME! lol.
- A vehicle to drive.
- Respite providers.
- Technology (text, email, IM, blog, phone, facebook)
- Beautiful sunrises.
- Sight to see my hubby smile, my childrens eyes twinkle, my loved ones, pets silly antics and God's amazing creation! 
- Homeschooling & getting to spend time with my girls! 
- How thoughtful my girls are.
- My parents & my childhood.
- Hunny who fills my days with laughter!
- Good Ole Boys job.
- All our wonderful silly adorable pets! 
- That my country was founded as a Christian nation and has such a rich Godly heritage.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Someone special

Recently we had the opportunity to go listen to a movie, really. :) 
He was speaking about his life - including being a recovering alcoholic and addict. 
I figured Sis would like to go see him no matter WHAT he was talking on. hehe. Since we are down to one vehicle right now, we all ended up going. 
This is Chaske Spencer. 
Know who he is? Sis didn't either - until I said his famous role: Sam Uley from Twilight. Then she came screaming down the stairs...."Yes, I want to go!" haha. We all enjoy Twilight...
So we all went and everyone enjoyed it. Well, Hunny did sit on the floor a bit playing with Barbies....but she is only five. 
 He shared alot. Funny how I could 'see' so much of Einstein in what he shared. I hope he took it to heart! 
He was very down to earth and 'normal'. 
He had a Q & A at the end and Bug was able to talk to him and even asked for his autograph! Here she is onstage with him. Einstein ran up there too so he is standing in front of Chaske. :S
So that is my little story about the kids first meeting with someone special. :) 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Conduct Disorder

So, I got to thinking in the shower this morning....
I have mentioned struggles with Einstein and you probably wonder what I'm talking about. I know I haven't gone into great detail about behaviors, and since this is a public blog, I won't. But perhaps by sharing this, you will have an idea? Einstein has an alphabet soup behind his name. It is my thought that I can do a series on each and every one. I can't say that it will be done weekly, but then maybe it will.
Today I am going to share about Conduct Disorder, which was diagnosed in 2001 before we even had him full time. 
I did a quick yahoo search. 
Of course, there is a little bit at Wikipedia, but I think a better site is athealth or even

A child with conduct disorder is difficult to parent. It's hard on siblings. It's embarrassing. It's hurtful. It's NOT FAIR! 
Kids with conduct disorder don't care about others property or person. They don't follow accepted society 'norms'. 

Here are some "symptoms" we deal with:
*aggressive behavior that harms or threatens to harm people & animals
*bullies and intimidates others
*initiates physical fights - often with a "weapon"
*destructive behavior that damages and often destroys property - not only his own property but frequently others
*fire starting
*extreme anger
*violation of rules

So he was only five when we were told he had CD. What causes it? 

Here are some possible causes:
*early maternal rejection
*separation from parents without an adequate caregiver
*abuse and violence
*parental mental illness

How is it treated?
There are no 'drugs' to fix it. 
There is counseling and family therapy but they don't always work. See, if the child isn't WILLING to take what they learn to heart and make the changes - what good is it?

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... Is a cool crisp morning.

I am thinking... About Christmas. In particular, about a present I am making. I see a fuzzy picture in my head but am struggling in finding a way to see it clearer. :) 

I am thankful for... Technology and that Good Ole Boy can send me a text from his deer blind when he is 3 hours away! Now Lord, please send a deer!

From the learning rooms... All about mammals with Hunny. Girls are working on some research projects. Math. Latin. Literature with writing assignments. Sis has been doing lots of cooking/baking and all the girls have been learning and working more on home-keeping. We just had some detailed dusting instructions, laundry reminders and Bug did an amazing job scrubbing down the blinds in the dining room. How do things get so yucky? :p

From the kitchen... Coffee. Kitchen is clean and ready for our day. The past week has been nice as I have tackled the China cabinet and last night the top of my pots and pans cupboard. Things were decluttered, dusted and organized. Candles have been lit.

I am wearing... ummmm.... p.j.'s, robe & slippers.

I am creating... A list of things for Christmas gifts. I actually feel on top of this this year!  We'll see if that continues! lol. I always encourage the kids to look a what they have done for fair this past year and decide if any of their projects would bless a family member. It's helpful because 1- I don't need 2,3, or 4 of the same project, and many of these projects are done yearly..... 2 - Everyone likes to get something made special by the kids and 3 - it helps financially! :) It appears that we have a wonderful start on things.

I am going... To accomplish a TON today! (I * hope*!) Good Ole Boy will be back late tonight and I plan on having a wonderful school day and getting much done around the house AND spend some quality time playing outdoors this afternoon with the goats. Then I am going to snuggle with my hubby since I have missed him so very much.

I am reading... On Secret Service by John Jakes. 

I am hoping... To have time for the wii today too. :) And for Einstein to be in decent mood when he gets home.

I am hearing... The kitties terrorize each other. The pump is running. Hunny has a pony dvd in - but at least her hacking has slowed down a bit. (she is VERY wheezy right now, but refuses her loratadine. She ran out of her inhaler and we picked up a primatine mist but she refuses it saying it burns. Sigh. So she has been very hacky and wheezy)

Around the house... I've been working here and there. Of course many boxes scattered around. Yesterday I got half the mud room clean and Hunny tried on all the hats and mittens. The dining room has been thoroughly cleaned but is still awaiting the Thanksgiving decorations. Bug helped yesterday work here around the computer so I have many papers to sort through. As always, Mt.Washmore is erupting into the kitchen. Trying to keep it off the laundryroom floor as our washer is leaking really bad. Sigh. Praying that Santa brings me a new washer!

One of my favorite things...Cuddling with my babies. The one nice thing about Good Ole Boy being gone is having them fight to sleep with me. :) That is something I miss. When they were little they slept with us, now they are all to big! 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Wow. Well, we have to take Einsein back to the University tomorrow for follow up. The girls are going to a friends house and are very excited. Hopfully we will be back in time for Bug to go to Bell Choir and Sis to go to youth group and me to go to the Christmas Service meeting. It's our first Christmas at this church so we are very new to everything. Work, school, preparing for Hunny's birthday, and if it's warm over the weekend I am going hunting! I haven't hunted since the year I was expecting Sis and would LOVE to get back into the woods. :)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Hunny's self portrait! 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

 Yes, we do Halloween. I participated as a child and even though it is a hot topic now amongst Christians, we have decided to keep the innocent fun point of view after talking to my kids a few years ago about the evil side....and getting the response of "it's just for candy mom!". :) 
That's our take. Please don't be offended if your views are different. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...It is a very dark and tad bit chilly evening. Really not caring for time change! I feel it is depressing to be so dark so early.

I am thinking...How tired I am from my last few days and what will be coming up. Yesterday my mom and I took Einstein down to the University where he had a lensectomy on his right eye. He had a follow up today and will have another next week and then the left eye will be done in December. Wow. It will be busy! And how will we get there? It's a 2 1/2 hour drive each way..... Many thoughts! 

I am thankful for...Oh so many things! My Lord, my husband, a roof over our heads....

I am wearing...My favorite black fleece hoodie, black jeans, and tennis shoes.

In the learning room...Hunny is learning about the creation of animals. How fun.

I am remembering...My dog Cheyenne. How wonderful she was, how special. 

I am going... to work a double shift tomorrow. 

I am currently reading... On Secret Service by John Jakes
I am hoping... That God provides the housing we need and want.

On my mind... Trying to get the kids around and off to bed.

Noticing that...Hunny sounds like she might have a scratchy throat. 
Pondering these words...  Life stops when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, love ends when you stop caring, friendship ends when you stop sharing. 
From the kitchen...A mess of dishes. Apparently Sis ran out of dish soap last night while I was gone.... :S 
A few burritos are still in the oven waiting to be taken care of from dinner.

Around the house...Kitties are running to and fro.

One of my favorite things... Quiet time to snuggle with Good Ole Boy.

From my camera...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

In the kitchen

So I am working on food for this weeks challenge. A difficult one as we were getting down on choices. I wanted to share what I made the other night. Not sure what exactly to call it.....

Digging in the freezer I found 2 lbs of venison burger. I browned that adding a few onions, salt & pepper. 
I cooked a pot of noodles.

Then, located 2 cans of veggies...

And this box of soup.

I got a 9x13 pan and sprayed it. Then layered noodles, meat, and veggies twice. I poured the cheese soup over the top. Then I baked it until it was all heated and Good Ole Boy got home.

And yes, if you are wondering we like our burger very done with some crispies in there! LOL. :) 
It was very yummy and Hunny even had FOUR bowls! She is the one that will usually pick the meat out and only eat that - if we are lucky. So it was a big hit. Yay! 
(although she thought it was very weird that I was taking pictures of our food)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Prince Aiden

They are eight weeks old now! They have become quite a part of the family. Not sure what will be happening with them as we hadn't planned on keeping ANY of them, but now not sure we could part with any. It doesn't help that each of us love a different one! Sigh. We will see what transpires here over the next bit. 
Stocking up on kitty liter....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... It is early morning and black outside.

I am thinking...Wondering what time I need to leave to take Good Ole Boy to work?

I am thankful for... A God who loves me! 

From the learning rooms... We finished Number The Stars. They REALLY enjoyed that book. :) Very good discussions with them. I need to be working on grades as our first marking period has ended. Yes, I am doing grades. Some years I have, others I haven't. It is nice to do them as there are freebies at businesses for A's and B's. But sometimes I really think they are unnecessary. I need to be able to make Sis a nice transcript however so I need to stay on top of them! I did really well last year - practicing. :)

From the kitchen... Coffee is brewed! 

I am wearing... P.j.'s

I am creating... A grocery list. I hate grocery shopping but need to be prepared! 

I am going... Too cherish each moment with my family, these kids are just growing so fast! 

I am reading... On Secret Service by John Jakes.

I am hoping... That it warms up outside......? LOL! I am just NOT a winter person. Let's keep it nice for as long as possible! 

I am hearing... Kitties are playing. For being so small they sure run loud! The furnace is running. Good Ole Boy got it going last night. It had dropped to just below 50' brrr! The bad thing about his work schedule is he doesn't have time before or after to really do anything. Still waiting to get air conditioner out of our window! Hard to do when it's dark.

Around the house... Einstein is off to school. Everyone else asleep. 

One of my favorite things... Being warm! 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Ummm, let's see. Taking Bug to bell choir, taking Sis to hear an actor from Twilight speak, school, work, and packing Bug up for her weekend trip with church. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...