Friday, October 28, 2011

Living for Joy Week 4

Hows your week going?
I have had a very busy, but very good week! 
I'm feeling very blessed.
This is the last week of the challenge,
but I hope that I will 'see' the daily reasons I have to be joyful!

Reasons I have to be happy this week:
*Got some needed things accomplished on our homestead workday.
*I HAVE a husband and kids that will help out.
*Got to go see some beautiful alpacas 
AND it was a gorgeous, sunny day when we did!
*We have a great church.
*Good Ole Boy PRAYED at the 4H Banquet.
(that is NOT something he does, but he was asked and agreed!)
*We've gotten alot of school work done.
*I have a corset to wear to the Civil War ball! 
AND a borrowed dress is supposed to be on its way! 
*We were able to get hay that will last for awhile.
*Bug has done great in the jeopardy challenge the library had (and ended up earning $14 in points for a book of her choice),
and I did well in the parents round, lol.
*Found some awesome things at Salvation Army.
(my feet are nice and toasty in the new Eddie Baur slippers that I got there for $2!)
*Answered prayer!
*I have amazing kids and an awesome husband.

God is so good! 

What I've done to love and serve others:
*Let Sis go to a friends house.
*Prayed for my friends.
*Gave some clothes Hunny had outgrown to a friend 
and ran an errand for her.
*Rubbed Good Ole Boys back.
*Made tea many nights for a warm up and sleep aid 
- especially for Einstein.
*Let Einstein hug me on his terms 
and not complain because I was in the middle of doing something.
*Overlooked minor infractions.

Modern Alternative Mama has  great post about thoughts, and how sometimes bad thoughts can be spiritual and/or physical, 
definitely something to read and think about.
When I think of joy I actually hear it sung in my head.
When I was a kid, we sang this song -
"Jesus, others and you, 
what a wonderful way to spell JOY.
J is for Jesus for He has first place,
O is for others we meet face to face,
Y is for you and whatever you do -
Put yourself third and spell JOY." 

What has made you joyful this week?


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making Your Home a Haven

Hmmmm, once again,
I used up my candle.
I've been burning,

So I dug out this one - 
(yes, my glass is broke. My mom used to work in a candle shop and got damaged goods at very good prices. They still
So clutter.
I got it.
I've been working on the living room spot as often as I've had extra time.
It hasn't been as much as I'd like.
I have made some progress though! 
I took some before pictures...
but I couldn't bear to post them! 
So this spot is a tv tray, filled top, under and around with various things that need sorted, repaired, filed, and pitched.
While I haven't completed the project, 
I have made a large dent in the mess! 

I've also done a little bit in the dining room.
Not enough,
but a bit.

This weeks challenge is to (of course)
keep going with everything we've been doing
and then
create some tender moments.
Courtney suggests things like pillow fights, classic movies, board games and back rubs.
Everyone - except Einstein - likes loves back rubs.

We love to watch movies,
but I know I need to work more on silliness and touch.
I know I don't give enough back rubs/ scratches.
Einstein of course doesn't like to be touched but maybe if I'm giving them out to everyone he'll allow it?

I'd like to share this quote before I go,
that Courtney had.

J.R. Miller says “The richest heritage that parents can give is a happy childhood, with tender memories of father and mother. This will brighten the coming days when the children have gone out from the sheltering home, and will be a safeguard in times of temptation and a conscious help amid the stern realities of life.”

Isn't that great?
Come check out Courtney at Women Living Well.



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Voyager News - October Edition


Here we are already at the end of another month! 
Wow, does time fly so fast! 
October has been pretty busy.
This month we wrapped up Weaver Ch. 8, 
days 19 - 22.
We then started Ch. 9,
Life applications of Jesus,
and we have done days 1 - 8.
Bible lessons have been taken from Matthew and Luke.
Lots of good discussions! 
In Weaver science Ch. 8 we finished up by learning about non seed plants - algae and moss.
In Ch. 9 science we have been learning about Mountains - what makes a mountain, elevation/altitude, plant and animal life (especially eagles) on mountains, tree/snow lines and precipitation/the water cycle.
Sis has had a few supplement assignments so far.
For Social Studies it's been maps.
Hunny has had some lessons in map making around home,  
and has learned the names/locations of 7 states where family members live and how they relate geographically to our state.
Hunny had so much fun designing a map of her room, 
that she went on to map a map of the house! lol.
The older girls have worked on some geography and map skills at their level as well,
but that's been mostly review.
Weaver has had two health lessons thus far,
protecting our bodies and the use of sunscreen.

For Language Arts, they've had a story assignment,
where they had to write a story involving a river.
I left things wide open as to how to write it and got wonderful results.
Sis wrote a beautiful story in poem format and Bug wrote and illustrated a very nice short story.
They've also had a Bible word search.

We've done a bit of review work in Weaver's Wisdom Words,
and since Hunny is ALWAYS wanting to help me in the kitchen, I've pulled out a home ec book and we are going to try and do that once a week.
So far, both lessons have been review of things she knows - 
nutrition and how to use a veggie peeler. 

~ Read Alouds ~
Little House in the Big Woods - 
from Chapter 8 on - finished.
Farmer Boy - Chapters 1 - 6
My Side of the Mountain - Chapters 1 - 5
(those chapters aren't numbered, 
but I went through and numbered them myself 
for ease of record keeping)

In Photography, 
we have studied George Eastman, Dr. Emerson, 
Margaret Bourke White, and Joe Rosenthal.
We have learned about how digital cameras work, the computers inside cameras, color, and focus.
They have had numerous assignments and have been playing with different settings on their cameras and trying out a variety of tips and suggestions. 

Chemistry has slowed a bit as we've spent extra time studying quantum mechanics.
But we've played tons of games of Bingo, and a variety of other games to help comprehend quantum mechanics,
and have done lots of quizzing each other on it.
We are all done with our Latin review and will now be spending a good week on each chapter.
It's been great hearing Latin chants again through the house. 

Sis and I are still plodding along in The Wedding Dress.
The lifestyle differences are such a big discussion.
I have made up a alphabet song for Hebrew,
and I can sing it! 
By memory!
Sis still thinks I'm nuts, but it is helping.

We had one homestead work day,
where we worked all day around here
instead of doing 'regular' school.
Basement wall/holes into it, goat shed, cleaning, and yard stuff.

We went on one weekend field trip - 
to the local Alpaca Farm.
Had a great time!
We have also been able to check out multiple wooly worms 
and a few praying mantis.

We've had 20 school days this month.
(total - 36)


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Simple Woman's DayBook


Outside my window...It is dark and rainy.

I am thinking...About goats and chickens. 

I am thankful...That Good Ole Boy and Bug have gotten alot of the goat shed roof done!

From the learning rooms...Weaver Chapter 9, 
Day 7.
Hunny was reading tonight - until she realized
what she was doing, lol. Then she stopped.  

In the kitchen...Dinner is put away. 
Prepared a peach/apple crisp but am to tired to actually bake it
(no one would be awake to eat it and it's got to be better warm!). 

I am wearing...P.J bottoms, blue fleece shirt, socks and a fleece pirate blanket.

I am creating... I am going to make fingerless gloves,
since my hands are always FREEZING! 
Should I do a dark purple, medium purple with some brown zig zag accents, white or green? 
I'm also planning on making some goat coats. 

I am going...To go to bed earlier tonight!

I am wondering...Why this guy hasn't sent me a picture yet?
I found a dairy goat that I want more info on and he said he'd send me a picture...haven't gotten it.  

I am reading...Farmer Boy - school
My side of the Mountain - school
The Wedding Dress - Lit with Sis
And I'll will be starting
The Confession by Beverly Lewis

I am hoping... That God continues to bless Good Ole Boys job.

I am looking forward to...A Fall Party at a friends house Friday.

I am hearing...The whirr of the computers,
Sis is playing the wii and is quite chattery. 

Around the house...Added straw to the goat pen - and discovered the roof was leaking (why they are working on the roof!)
Einstein and I cleaned half the basement and piled rocks back up where the hole was. 
(that half is original basement so is just rock and earth - well, and tree roots)
Been working on some indoor clutter.
Have another load ready to go to GoodWill. 

I am pondering...Organization.
Healthy/traditional eating.
Chicken Coop Designs.

One of my favorite things...Sleeping with the rain drumming on the window.

A few plans for the rest of the week:School, Work, Bug has Jeopardy, Run to the feed store and the Amish store, Fall party, Sis hopes to go to a friends, Bug is supposed to be going to a b-day party (better call and verify that), Church, soccer game, Sis has youth group. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


Monday, October 24, 2011

Come and Get It!

So I've been meal planning for over a month now.
YAY me! 
I've learned that I can do this, 
and it doesn't seem like such a big hassle anymore.
I've learned that by planning well, 
the kids aren't always hounding for food.
(Go figure!)
They don't ask for nearly as many snacks as before.
I'm going to be leaving lunches off the menu as we ALWAYS have leftovers, soup, salad, or sandwiches. 
It just doesn't work to plan lunches for us.

Here's this weeks line up.
Breakfast - toast
Lunch - Picnic for soccer - pb and honey sandwiches and apples
Supper - Good Ole Boy made french bread style pizza with tortilla chips and salsa con queso.
(he decided, bought and prepared, I wasn't going to complain)
Prep - pull bagels out of freezer
Breakfast - bagels & cream cheese
Supper - tonight is the 4H small animal banquet so I just need to make brownies today for that.
Prep - pull two loaves of bread and burger out of freezer.

Breakfast - french toast
Supper - Goulash, garlic bread
Prep - pull sausage and muffins out of freezer.

Breakfast - sausage "Mc"muffins/toast 
(not all kids like english muffins)
Supper - Baked potato bar
Prep - soak flour, pull meat out of freezer, rolls?

Breakfast - soaked pancakes
Supper - meat, squash, rice, broccoli, rolls?
(I still need to stop by our local grocery where we get our meat. We'll have preferably steak, 
but might be pork depending on what is on sale)

Breakfast - eggs & toast
Supper - we are attending a Fall Party, we need to bring a bag of candy and a dish to pass.
We have the candy, 
but I haven't decided what to make to pass yet.

Breakfast - cold cereal, toast, fruit

Fresh fruit on hand - apples
Fresh veggies - peppers, carrots

Snack ideas - oatmeal cookies, rice krispy treats, peach crisp, veggies and dip, fruit

What's on your menu?


Friday, October 21, 2011

Living For Joy Week 3

It's been a good week! 
I can't complain much, 
well except for Einsteins behavior last night, 
which while not bad was sure treading towards not acceptable!
(and might I say EXTREMELY annoying. Sigh. Oh well, he's been doing SO well lately, 
I guess he's entitled to a day full of arguing, annoyance and picking fights....?)

I've had it.

Reasons I have to be happy this week:
*Good Ole Boy and I were able to go out - to our FAVORITE Chinese place for our anniversary!
*We HAD an anniversary.
*My parents were able to come watch the girls soccer game,
and they had another anniversary too!
*School has gone well.
*Overall, Einsteins behavior is good.
(he's only had 1 raging episode in 7 weeks! WOOHOO!)
*I have so much fun with the girls.

What I've done to Love and Serve others:
*Back rubs/scratches.
*Helped girls with their laundry.
 *Prayed for friends.

Are you living for Joy?


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Your Home a Haven

Things have gone well this past week.
It's been a cooler week in general,
today has been cold and rainy.

Candle weather.
In fact, 
I used up the French Vanilla so had to dig out another - 
Pumpkin Pie.
There's just something so cozy about a candle burning.

It's been on this week, ALOT! 
From Cheri Keaggy to Bob Seger,
Latin for children to Kenny Rogers.
We've been tuning in or turning it on every day.
And we've been dancing.
From whatever the kids were attempting - 
to slow dancing with Good Ole Boy,
we've been having fun.
And it's been more peaceful. 
SO thankful for that! 

So onto this weeks challenge! 
Find a spot that makes you visually stressed.
Buy something (like a basket) to help in that area.
Clean up the clutter.
Throw things away.
Check the clutter in your spiritual life as well.

Hmmm, visually stressed?
That is the WHOLE house! 
Cleaning, purging, donating, pitching,
been doing that all year! 
It's still not where I want it to be.
So no problem working there, 
but this will continue to take me way longer than this challenge.
Currently, I am working:
*Upstairs - getting the kids' play area organized, pitching junk, donating things not needed, and cleaning. 
I will probably need to pick up more totes or some sort for that.
*Living Room - mostly organizing here.
Now that the office is functional (still not finished though), 
I need to get all my paperwork and stuff out of the living room and sorted into filing cabinets, pitched, etc.
*Master Bedroom - needs major organization here.

Other areas that constantly stress me:
*Dining Room Table
* Mud Room
*Kitchen Counter

So I've got lots to do!
Are you participating in the challenge?
I'd love to hear how it's going for you.

Want to read more?
Check out Courtney's blog.



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Simple Womans DayBook


Outside my window...It's a cool morning and it is beginning to lighten outside.

I am thinking...The a/c unit needs to be removed and we need to get plastic to cover windows soon.

I am thankful...To have reached another anniversary.
Marriage is alot of hard work, but it's SO worth it! 
I'm so thankful that I've fought for us and didn't give up. 

From the learning rooms...Weaver Ch. 9.
Learning about map making and mountains.
I'm investigating some other math curriculums, 
Sis is just really struggling with math,  
wondering if there is a better fit for her out there?

In the kitchen...Coffee is warm, candle is flickering. 

I am wearing...P.j's, mismatched and holey slippers (haven't found any new ones I like yet - such a decision!), robe and a fleece blanket. 

I am creating... A peaceful home.

I am going...To continue trying to purge and organize this house.

I am wondering...How I will survive another cold winter?

I am reading...The final adversary - due today and I still have quite a bit to read! 
Farmer Boy - School
 The Wedding Dress - Lit
Today we'll also start My Side of the Mountain 
(since we are learning about Mountains, 
I thought that would be fun, I've never read it before.)

I am hoping...That God continues to bless Good Ole Boy at work.

I am looking forward to...The Civil War Ball.

I am hearing...Nothing but the computer hum, the girls are all still sleeping.

Around the house...Need to get some outside stuff done.
Will the tomatoes ever ripen?
Want to add some straw to the goat shed.
Discovered yesterday that we have a hole in the basement!
Good Ole Boy will need to address that asap, for now we put a rock over it.
(Most of our bunnies are in the basement so it's extra concerning for their safety - AND the fact that the cats like to sneak down there and the three girls aren't fixed yet. Yes, the hole is that large that they could get out. Now how did that get there?!) 

I am pondering...Health.

One of my favorite things...Crab Rangoons from our special Chinese place.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  School, work, Girl Scouts, Bug has her Jeopardy Challenge at the library, Alpaca Farm (didn't go last time), Church, Soccer games, Youth Group for Sis, 4-H Small Animal Banquet.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..
This was our wedding day.
We were married on my Grandparents and my parents anniversary.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Things I've learned from Laura

Little House in the Big Woods
 We just finished this book last week.
It's not the first I've read it, and won't be the last!

What I've learned from Laura this time through:

*Chapter 2 Winter Days - "Ma sat in her rocking chair, sewing by the light of the lamp on the table. The lamp was bright and shiny. There was salt in the bottom of its glass bowl with the kerosene, to keep the kerosene from exploding, and there were bits of red flannel among the salt to make it pretty. It was pretty."
I've never heard of this and don't remember 'catching' it before. Thought that was really interesting. Did they really use salt?

*Chapter 4 Christmas - "One morning she boiled molasses and sugar together until they made a thick syrup, and Pa brought in two pans of clean, white snow from outdoors. Laura and Mary each had a pan, and Pa and Ma showed them how to pour the dark syrup in little streams on to the snow. They made circles, and curlicues, and squiggledy things, and these hardened at once and were candy."
Really? The girls want to try this this winter. Has anyone done this successfully? 

*Chapter 10 Summertime - "Somebody must kill the calf, for cheese could not be made without rennet, and rennet is the lining of a young calf's stomach."
Hmmm. Never knew that.

Bug wants a feeder pig now. She was fascinated by the story in Chapter 1 about the pig bladder ball and the roasted pig tail! lol.
I loved the story in Chapter 6 where Ma and Laura went out to milk the cow and found "Sukey" outdoors...
I love Laura. 
I loved her as a child and even more now.
I'm so glad that my kids also love her stories. 


Come and Get It

A little late, but here is this weeks menu! 
(that we've been following, 
even though I haven't posted it)

Breakfast - toast
Lunch - Picnic for soccer - sandwiches, plums, peppers and dip, doughnuts
Supper - out

Breakfast - Oatmeal, raspberries, toast
Lunch - leftovers, sandwich, potatoes
Supper - Salad

Breakfast - eggs and toast
Snack - rice krispy treats (still haven't made them yet!)
Lunch - leftovers, etc.
Supper - Chili and cornbread
Prep - pull sausage out

Breakfast - Sausage biscuits and gravy
Lunch - leftovers, etc.
Snack - Oatmeal cookies (didn't get made)
Supper - Veggie stir fry
Peach crisp
 Prep - soak flour, pull out rolls 

Breakfast - soaked pancakes
Lunch - leftovers, etc
Supper - Chicken, potatoes, rolls
(not sure yet if I want to do pot pie, or what exactly)
Prep - Pull burger out

Breakfast - Eggs and toast
Lunch - leftovers, etc.
Supper - Tacos, refried beans, dirty rice, tortilla chips

Breakfast - Cereal, toast, fruit

So I'm cutting back on the snacks. 
They just don't seem to be asking for them.
If they do and I haven't planned I'm pushing fruit, veggies, etc.
Maybe I should try just making desserts throughout the week?
What works for your family?

Fresh fruit on hand - Banana, apples, plums, peaches.
Veggies - sweet peppers, celery, carrots.

What's on your menu?


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Living for Joy Week 2

I have thought about this ALL week.
I really should have started a list so that when I came here to type it up, I could REMEMBER! lol.
This challenge is great in that it has me thinking - DAILY - of good things.
Especially when I do feel like we are being attacked spiritually and there is lots of arguing, naughty behavior or loud voices.
I have SO MUCH to be thankful for! 

It's also gotten me thinking of how I can reach out more to others. 
This has lead me to a personal challenge of reaching out, communicating, encouraging and praying for my friends.

Reasons I have to be happy this week:
*My husband and I celebrate 14 years of marriage tomorrow.
*He brought me a little gift yesterday to say he loves me.
*We got to go to a friends house last night and had a great time visiting.
*School has gone well
*Einstein is doing well in school and at his parent teacher conference, his math teacher spoke glowingly about him.
*Einsteins 504 meeting was productive and positive.
*We have a roof over our heads to shelter us from the rains.
*Bug found a praying mantis outside.
*Good Ole Boy is still rocking the sales at work.
*We've been blessed with potatoes.
*Bug did a great job at the library's  pre-teen jeopardy challenge.
*We have a credit on our cell phone bill.
*Had some one-on-one time with Bug.

What I've done to love and serve others:
*Rubbed Good Ole Boys back.
*Made acv/honey toddy's for Bug.
*Let Bug pick something for the two us to do - and did it.
*Tried to stay patient with the constant disciplining this week.
*Spent more time in prayer for my friends.
*Made some goodies that the kids enjoyed.


Making Your Home a Haven

We had some days that were nice and warm and I simply wanted to be outside, so my candle wasn't lit daily. 
Praying for peace - now that WAS a daily occurrence! 

It's since gotten cooler.
Right now its cold and rainy outside, perfect for a candle burning inside to dispel the gloom.
I've updated my candle to French Vanilla so it even smells more like fall (versus the Peony one I had out last week).
This weeks challenge - 
Play soft music your family enjoys, and
focus on maintaining peaceful relationships.
 Focus on gentleness with your words and have fun with your family.

I really feel that we are under attack.
That the more we work towards a peaceful home,
the more Satan tries to disrupt us.
I've been working with lots of attitudes and behaviors this last week,
amazingly they started with this challenge.
I think not.
Satan doesn't want us to have a happy, cozy, loving home.
He wants chaos and anger.
So I will be continuing with lots of prayer, and working on gentleness while having fun with my family.
Today, I'm going to look through my stack of cd's, put something on and love my family! 
How about you?


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Simple Woman's DayBook


Outside my window...It's BEAUTIFUL!
A gorgeous day, sun is shinning, warm and there's a gentle breeze.

I am thinking...I need to hurry and get outside!

I am thankful...That things seemed to go ok at Einsteins 504 meeting at school today. 

From the learning rooms...In Weaver Vol. 5, Chapter 9.
Footsteps of the Master.
This will be a long chapter taking us til Christmas! 

In the kitchen...Dishes are done, dinner is simple...

I am wearing...Blue jean capris and a blue seersucker button up shirt, and my aria earrings.

I am creating...Christmas ideas

I am going...To continue working upstairs.
We got started but it's taking MUCH longer than I anticipated! 

I am wondering...Why I've been having so many headaches?

I am reading...The Final Adversary
Little House in the Big Woods - school
The Wedding Dress - Lit class
I am hoping...That God provides Good Ole Boy with a better job.

I am looking forward to...Going 'out' and spending time alone with Good Ole Boy this weekend!

I am hearing...Nothing!
It's just Bug and I home...
she is reading - 
occasionally the chair will squeak 
or I'll hear her smack her gum....
the washer is running,
all else is Q.U.I.E.T. 

Around the house...It's looking pretty good.
Hunny and I did a great job on the front porch last week and alot of stuff has been taken care of from the back porch (aka - all the rabbit carriers were taken back downstairs!). Sis has cleaned the living room and its stayed fairly neat, I did the kitchen when we got back from the school....Dinning room could use some straightening, and of course some outside work could be done.  

I am pondering...Being thankful.
Accomplishing things.

One of my favorite things...The sun.

A few plans for the rest of the week:School, Work, Soccer Practice, Shooting sports meeting, Parent teacher conferences, Library, our Anniversary, Church, Soccer Games, youth group for Sis, maybe getting together with friends.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Come and Get It!

This weeks menu is made and mostly shopped for.
(still need to hit the Mennonite store since they are closed Sundays)

Breakfast - toast
Lunch - picnic before soccer - sandwiches, apples, chips, peppers and dip, donuts
Supper - Subs

Breakfast - grits, toast
Snack - fruit
Lunch - Sandwiches
Snack - Scones
Supper - Pasties, peach crisp
(I've never made these before - only had store bought ones but LOVE them! Hope this recipe works!)

Breakfast - french toast, fruit
Snack - rice krispy treats (not made last week)
Lunch - leftovers, sandwich
Snack - peppers and dip
Supper - Salad, bread
Prep - pull bacon, rolls & pork out of freezer

Breakfast - bacon, eggs, toast
(save some bacon for dinner)
Snack - muffins (not made last week)
Lunch - leftovers, sandwich
Snack - cheese and crackers
Supper - pork steak, mac and cheese, squash, rolls and peach crisp
Prep - pull bread out for garlic bread

Breakfast - Pancakes, fruit
Snack - crackers
Lunch - leftovers, sandwich
Snack - oatmeal cookies (not made last week)
Supper - Spaghetti (using spaghetti squash), sauce, extra veggies, garlic bread

Breakfast - eggs and toast
Snack - fruit
Lunch - Leftovers, sandwich
Snack - popcorn
Supper - homemade pizza

Breakfast - cereal, toast, fruit
Lunch - leftovers, sandwich
Supper - ? 

Fresh fruit on hand - Apples, bananas, plums, peaches

What's on your menu?


Friday, October 7, 2011

Living For Joy

I've been thinking how depressing my last post was,
My house doesn't feel like a haven....
Then I read a post this morning that got me -
you know, it stepped on my toes!

Honest, I try to be thankful.
And I try to serve my family without grumbling.
So let me dwell on that today.

Reasons I have to be happy this week:
* I have my husband and kids
* We got almost all of the planned school work done!
* Hunny prays with such heart, I love it.
* Sis has been doing her supplement work and doing a great job.
* The sun has been shinning and it's been warm. I have totally loved spending the afternoons outside soaking in the suns warmth.
* Hunny is a big helper. Tonight she even helped debone rabbit!
* I get hugs and kisses from my girls.
* Sis gave me a foot rub.
* Bug makes me cute drawings.
* Unexpected blessings that help us through.
* Sis and Bug won 4H county awards - I'm so proud of them!
* Good Ole Boy has been top in sales at work - he rocks!
* I've been able to get some extra work done around the house.
* We have a roof over our heads. I might not like it, but it IS better than being homeless.
* We have food in our bellies. It might not be what WE want, and yes, that means *I* have to cook it but it IS better than going hungry.
* Gas is down!
* I have my parents, and wonderful memories of my grandparents.
* I have the privilege of being able to homeschool my girls.

What I've done to love and serve others
* Read to Hunny when I was "busy".
* Cooked and did laundry when I didn't feel like it.
* Played extra games of Element Bingo when the kids asked.
* Let Hunny stay in p.j's when shes asked.
* Stayed up really late making Einstein do his French, not to be a big meanie, but because I want him to succeed and do well in school. 
* Let the girls crash on the couch when they were sad over Bugs turtle dying.

Funny, we've been talking about similar things in school.
In Weaver, we have been talking about being a good steward.
How everything we have is a gift from God.
How we should be thanking God DAILY for what he has bestowed upon us.
How we are to be BLESSING others, however we can.

Are we?
I like the concept of this challenge.
To be deliberate in our thanksgivings,
in our servings.