Monday, February 28, 2011

Works of Art

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
- Pablo Picasso

Friday night was our local homeschool groups Art Show. This is our groups second year having this event, but our first time attending. 

All three of the girls had things entered.
Hunny's marker drawing of a giraffe.
Hunny's pencil and ink drawing of Pegasus.
Bug's photography. 
A picture of Chip and a 'special effects' photo of light swirls.
Bug's pencil and charcoal drawing.
Sis's 'special effects' photo.
Sis and another photo.

It was great to walk around and see the wide variety of things our kids have been working on. 
There were lego sculptures, paintings, sewing and on and on.
They had a table set up with pompoms, googly eyes, stickers, crayons, etc for the kids to create if they wanted. 
There was coffee, tea and water and some light finger desserts. 
The room was dark with a variety of lamps scattered throughout. 
You felt like you were in a museum! lol. 
It was great. 

Does your homeschool group do an Art Show?

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.
- Oscar Wilde

Friday, February 25, 2011

My Favorite tv shows

We no longer have tv. 
When we moved here, we got CBS and PBS.
Sometimes in the bedroom on the ancient Zenith, 
and only when the weather was nasty, 
we'd get two more stations in...

This was annoying, but we dealt with it. 
I mean, kids could watch PBS and most of the shows we enjoyed were on CBS.

But then, there was the "CHANGE OVER". Sigh.
We got static.
We got the converter box. 
We got a fancy digital antenna, 
and if you put in your zip on their website it says
we should receive signal for 59 channels! 
We got static.

Cable is not in our budget. Sigh.
We rent alot of movies...

But, here is what I enjoyed watching when we did have tv, 
or when we go somewhere and have cable access....

What do you watch?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things....

By Hunny
age 6
* My blankies (she has 3)
* Cake
* Hamburgers & hotdogs
* Bats
* Mermaids
* Playing in the snow
* Magic of Pegasus (Barbie movie)
* Watching movies
* The beach

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eye spy

As part of our discussion of Jesus healing the blind, we have been talking about sight, and it was suggested in Weaver, that they do a dissection of a cow eye.
How fun! 
We haven't done a dissection in quite awhile. 
I called and was able to pick up these eyes for free! 
I am very glad I asked for two as Einstein had the day off of school and Sis had a friend spend the night so I had 5 students instead of 3. 
Doesn't Sis look thrilled? lol.
 Bug is much more into this idea than Sis.
There is a GREAT site that gives step by step directions. 
 LOVE her face!
Looking through the lens...
Checking out the retina.

Hunny participated a bit which surprised me. 
Sis got into it as we went along. 
You can see her face change from disgust to some interest. 
Einstein has taken the lenses to school to show off to the science teacher. 

On a side note - since Einstein's surgery was to remove his lenses, it was fascinating to see what they look like. 
He tried looking through them without his glasses - we were curious on if he'd see or not - but he couldn't. 
It was just blurry. Lol. :)

We had a great time learning about our amazing gift of sight! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...The sun is shinning but it is bitter cold. 
The radio said -2. 
We were hit with snow again. :( 
And all public schools in our area are closed. 
(Yesterday was a holiday or they would have been closed too due to snow and ice.) 
Spring oh spring, please come soon! 

I am thinking... Of Joseph. 
How he was abused and betrayed, a slave, wrongly convicted, had no Bible to read, no church to attend, was surrounded by a worship lifestyle of other gods and non-Christian people...
yet he stayed true and focused on God. 
How can I be more like him?

I am thankful for...God's love.

From the learning rooms...We are in Weaver Vol. 5, chapter 6. 
A study of the miracles of Jesus. 
Currently we are studying the eyes and sight. 
Yesterday we dissected a cow eye!
I need to help the girls wrap up their items for Friday's Art Show, locate frames, etc.

From the kitchen... Coffee of course! 
Last nights dishes are still in the sink, Sis will have to attend them this a.m.
I will be starting the crock pot after I get around.
We had venison roast with potatoes and carrots last night, so today I want to turn leftovers into stew. 
I need to make bread and biscuits. Mmmmm....

I am wearing... P.j's, robe, slippers & blankie.

I am creating...A list of potential field trips. 
I need to make some calls today...

I am going...To really focus on my prayer life. 
I need to pray more often for my family.

I am reading... Your Defiant Teen - although honestly, I haven't picked it up this week! 
Dreamers - I should finish today - really enjoying this. 
Peter Pan (school) - we should finish today - wow was Tink nasty!
Joni (school) - I really like that the girls are enjoying this book so well. 
Six Hours One Friday (lit w/ Sis) 

I am hoping... For a good day.
Einstein is home and he has been rather surly lately...

I am hearing... Nothing but the whirr of the computer...

Around the house...Laundry needs done, like always! 
I spent time in our room yesterday and it looks so much better! :) 
Still things to do there though. 
Need to tackle Hunny's dresser again...

One of my favorite things... Hot biscuits with butter melting all over the tops....

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, work, Bell Choir & youth group, Art Show on Friday, Rabbit Show on Saturday, maybe watch Fireproof  Saturday night, Church.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
I never know what I will find when I download my camera! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Office - before

Well, since I've talked about working in the office this past month, I thought I'd show it to you.
I should do some posts on the house anyways
(besides the school rooms before and after).

 So, we haven't done ANYTHING to the office since we've been here.
O.k., I take that back.
My brother had to cut into the wall/ceiling a tad to run heat upstairs...

It is SMALL. 
6'10 x 5'6.

It is missing part of a wall. 
(the last occupants really destroyed the house. 
While this allowed us to get it cheap, 
it also means lots of work!)

When we first moved in,
we stuck a twin bed in there for the girls to sleep on until we got one of the rooms done upstairs.
A twin bed JUST barely fit! 

Since then, it's just been filled with boxes.
Craft stuff, stuff for the desk and filling cabinets, etc.
So that is what I've been working on.
Getting it organized enough that we CAN work in there.

It looks bad! 

This is from the doorway, view 1.
Here is my whiteboard - which must stay portable.
I love whiteboards! 
I can haul it out if we are doing school in the living room (usually when I need to use the computer or a dvd for teaching) AND I often use it on days I need to work to list what they need to do while I'm gone.
To the right is the closet.
The closet, view 1.
When we are done, I'd like more shelves in here so I can get it all organized better.
The shelf has candles, candle accessories, stamping supplies, scrapbook supplies, my Cannon Rebel, our video camera, etc.
The floor is boxes of scrapbook supplies, pictures, desk stuff, and lots of craft supplies - a tote of yarn, a tin of ribbon, an ice cream pail of pinecones, etc. 
I was a Girl Scout leader for seven years in addition to homeschooling and 4H. 
I have alot of odds and ends for the kids to create with. :)
I also have some extra keyboards stashed, just in case...
The closet, view 2.
This side is mostly filled with pictures, but you can't see that too well. 
The shelf above holds our SOS. 
The lamp is sitting on an end table. 
There isn't a ceiling light so I'm not sure exactly what we are going to end up with, but for now my Indian lights it well. 
The door is to the living room.
From the doorway, view 2.
Nasty, nasty carpet. 
You can see the missing wall.
We have another computer set up - on a chair - to the left, the closet area is on the right.
The boxes contain paperwork and books. 
Some craft supplies and then some things waiting for shelves to be built around the house so they can be displayed. 
Porcelain dolls for the girls' rooms and some lighthouse items mostly.
View from doorway, looking to the left. 
The dark line up in the corner is heating duct-work. 
Our old whiteboard.
This one I take to rabbit shows if we have buns for sale, and I let Hunny play with. 
It must have been out as I see some chores listed and a cake design on
Duct-work across the ceiling.

So, there it is.
Our sad office.

Over the weekend Good Ole Boy helped pull that nasty carpet out! (yay!!) and I scrubbed the disgusting floor underneath it. 
(it was BAD! I can't believe they put carpet over what we found....and that we've had it hiding there! ick)
He also laid new 'floor' down.

I don't have huge decorating dreams for this room.
Let's get the walls up, slap some white paint on it, and throw down an area rug.
I hope that two desks, the filling cabinet and my bookcase will fit in here, but I don't know...?
Decorating wise, I simply want to hang some of my hockey items up. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Something I am afraid of...

"The Lord is my light and my salvation,
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life,
Of whom shall I be afraid?"
Psalms 27:1
This is an issue for me. 
While I don't see myself as a scaredy cat, I do deal with anxiety.
When I asked my family what I was scared of I got the answer of - spiders. LOL. 
I will admit they used to SCARE me, but now it's more of an intense dislike. 
Now, I can squish 'em instead of calling for someone else! :) 

So here is *MY* list that I came up with:

* Tornadoes
Tornado weather just freaks me out. 
I am very thankful that we do not live in tornado alley! 
And WHY do tornado watches happen at night when we can't SEE anything! ugh.

* Fire
Not really fire, but the thoughts of a house fire.
I'm not sure why. 
I've never been involved in a house fire.
Never had anyone really close to me involved in one either.
Yet, I remember being a little girl and looking out the back door totally petrified that our house would burn down.
I drive Good Ole Boy nuts, always asking about smells or electrical cords. Sigh. 

* Something happening to my kids
It's awful. 
I am totally paranoid here.
I don't like them jumping on a trampoline - what if they fall wrong and break their neck?
Letting them go swimming at camp - what if they aren't watched carefully and drown?
Now, I DO let them go and do things. 
I just worry the whole time they are gone.
I'll be a nervous wreck when Sis starts driving...

* Losing my family
What would I do without them?!

This is a big area for me. 
One that I am working on.
My family thinks I'm silly.
It's not a conscious choice - to be scared of something - it's just there.
I hate it. 
I wish it would go away. 
What are you afraid of?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Homeschool days

As ya'll know, I've been following Courtney over at Women Living Well. :) 
This week she is talking about homeschooling. 
I've recently posted our half way thru the year check in, but I thought I'd talk about what a "typical" school day looks like. 
IS there such a thing as a typical day?! mmmmm, not really!!
I LOVE typical days....they just don't happen daily. 

We are NOT morning people. But with Einstein in public school ~ I'm working on it.

My alarm starts going off at 5:30 - somedays 5:45 if I'm feeling really tired. This is so I can hit snooze a bunch and finally DRAG myself out from the cozy warm cocoon of comforters and Good Ole Boys arms by 6:30. 
Einstein needs up at 6:30 so he can dress, walk the dogs and leave by 7. He has to walk across town to catch the bus at the elementary school. 
As soon as Einstein is up the coffee pot is turned on! 
Good Ole Boy gets up about now to get ready for work as he also leaves close to 7.

When everyone leaves and the house is quiet, I veg with my coffee and computer. I check email, facebook and if there is time, I do my blog post and/or blog reading. 
I *TRY* to be in the shower by 8.
Bug is my early riser and usually is downstairs between 7:30 and 8. 
I prefer to be in the shower before she comes down...
but that doesn't always happen.

It is my goal to have breakfast at least started by 8:30. 
I have a monthly breakfast menu that is working very well. Some days do get mixed up but overall it's good. 

Around 9 the girls need to be getting dressed and ready for the day. Let me say, when you have a teenager, this can be a lengthy process! lol. Even if we aren't going anywhere! Sigh. 
Once dressed, chores need done. 
Goats need watered, etc.

9:30 -10 they need to start on individuals once they finish getting ready and chores. 
This gives ME time to get dressed, start laundry and help Hunny get around.
We have a 'no screens' before school rule, but alot of times Sis is ready before me so I will allow a quick check of her email and facebook, but no playing! 
This rule has helped ALOT by eliminating a distraction that caused everyone to run late.

It is MY GOAL that we are upstairs ready for school at 10. Needless to say, we are often late..... :S 

Together school always starts with our Bible lesson.
Then I'll either read a chapter from our read aloud (if we have one) or we do our science/history for the day. Using Weaver, they are usually alternated, so one day will be science and the next social studies. 
It really depends on WHAT we are studying though. Some topics have health and art. 
Some topics there is lots of hands on or supplemental things that I find. 
Some topics are very simple.
Some things we go over verbally, while others I have them take notes on.
With Sis in high school, we use the volumes supplement. Sometimes I go over the topic with everybody, but usually she is assigned reading from that along with extra activities.
Somedays I pick a topic out of Weavers Wisdom Words program and we do that for language arts. Somedays I assign creative writing.
Every day is different.
When we are done with together school, I help Hunny with math. 

All of this is usually accomplished by lunch time, 
which is usually taken around 12:30 - 1.
Lunch is often an 'on your own' affair. 
Leftovers, soup, sandwiches, etc. 
Lately Sis is on a friend potatoes kick.
During lunch, I usually rotate laundry and check email/facebook. 

After lunch, we finish whatever didn't get done in the morning and whatever individuals they didn't finish. Then we do Latin. Now the littles are done and I focus on Sis. We try to do literature and (now) Hebrew. 

When they are done, I TRY to get them outside! 
It is always hard in the winter to get them out though. 
Tv may come on after school. 
Which is just movies as we don't get any stations. 
The wii is great during the winter! 
The wii was a school purchase last tax season. 
I wanted wii fit so they can use it for PE in the winter. It gets them up and active even if its yucky outside. :)

~~NOW, throw this out the window on Tuesday and days I work! ~~

Tuesday is running day. 
Currently we are down to one vehicle. 
This means, we all take Good Ole Boy to work.
This means we are in town at 7:30. 
Talk about UGH! lol.
We do some errands, or read and work on individuals in the truck.
I pack snacks and lunches. 
Karate is at 12:30.
Gym class is at 2.
Then we wait for Good Ole Boy to get out of work...

Days that I work, I try and read to them in the morning and they do individuals while I'm gone. 
If we can, we do together stuff in the afternoon, which makes for later days. 
I hate working. 
Not that it's hard or anything, and the extra money is vital for us, but I so wish I could be home ALL the time!

Einstein gets home at 4 and then chores need done at five.

So, that is our homeschool day. 
Crazy huh? 
But I love it. 
I love homeschooling. 
What do your days look like?