Friday, October 28, 2011

Living for Joy Week 4

Hows your week going?
I have had a very busy, but very good week! 
I'm feeling very blessed.
This is the last week of the challenge,
but I hope that I will 'see' the daily reasons I have to be joyful!

Reasons I have to be happy this week:
*Got some needed things accomplished on our homestead workday.
*I HAVE a husband and kids that will help out.
*Got to go see some beautiful alpacas 
AND it was a gorgeous, sunny day when we did!
*We have a great church.
*Good Ole Boy PRAYED at the 4H Banquet.
(that is NOT something he does, but he was asked and agreed!)
*We've gotten alot of school work done.
*I have a corset to wear to the Civil War ball! 
AND a borrowed dress is supposed to be on its way! 
*We were able to get hay that will last for awhile.
*Bug has done great in the jeopardy challenge the library had (and ended up earning $14 in points for a book of her choice),
and I did well in the parents round, lol.
*Found some awesome things at Salvation Army.
(my feet are nice and toasty in the new Eddie Baur slippers that I got there for $2!)
*Answered prayer!
*I have amazing kids and an awesome husband.

God is so good! 

What I've done to love and serve others:
*Let Sis go to a friends house.
*Prayed for my friends.
*Gave some clothes Hunny had outgrown to a friend 
and ran an errand for her.
*Rubbed Good Ole Boys back.
*Made tea many nights for a warm up and sleep aid 
- especially for Einstein.
*Let Einstein hug me on his terms 
and not complain because I was in the middle of doing something.
*Overlooked minor infractions.

Modern Alternative Mama has  great post about thoughts, and how sometimes bad thoughts can be spiritual and/or physical, 
definitely something to read and think about.
When I think of joy I actually hear it sung in my head.
When I was a kid, we sang this song -
"Jesus, others and you, 
what a wonderful way to spell JOY.
J is for Jesus for He has first place,
O is for others we meet face to face,
Y is for you and whatever you do -
Put yourself third and spell JOY." 

What has made you joyful this week?


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