Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Simple Womans DayBook


Outside my window...It's a cool morning and it is beginning to lighten outside.

I am thinking...The a/c unit needs to be removed and we need to get plastic to cover windows soon.

I am thankful...To have reached another anniversary.
Marriage is alot of hard work, but it's SO worth it! 
I'm so thankful that I've fought for us and didn't give up. 

From the learning rooms...Weaver Ch. 9.
Learning about map making and mountains.
I'm investigating some other math curriculums, 
Sis is just really struggling with math,  
wondering if there is a better fit for her out there?

In the kitchen...Coffee is warm, candle is flickering. 

I am wearing...P.j's, mismatched and holey slippers (haven't found any new ones I like yet - such a decision!), robe and a fleece blanket. 

I am creating... A peaceful home.

I am going...To continue trying to purge and organize this house.

I am wondering...How I will survive another cold winter?

I am reading...The final adversary - due today and I still have quite a bit to read! 
Farmer Boy - School
 The Wedding Dress - Lit
Today we'll also start My Side of the Mountain 
(since we are learning about Mountains, 
I thought that would be fun, I've never read it before.)

I am hoping...That God continues to bless Good Ole Boy at work.

I am looking forward to...The Civil War Ball.

I am hearing...Nothing but the computer hum, the girls are all still sleeping.

Around the house...Need to get some outside stuff done.
Will the tomatoes ever ripen?
Want to add some straw to the goat shed.
Discovered yesterday that we have a hole in the basement!
Good Ole Boy will need to address that asap, for now we put a rock over it.
(Most of our bunnies are in the basement so it's extra concerning for their safety - AND the fact that the cats like to sneak down there and the three girls aren't fixed yet. Yes, the hole is that large that they could get out. Now how did that get there?!) 

I am pondering...Health.

One of my favorite things...Crab Rangoons from our special Chinese place.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  School, work, Girl Scouts, Bug has her Jeopardy Challenge at the library, Alpaca Farm (didn't go last time), Church, Soccer games, Youth Group for Sis, 4-H Small Animal Banquet.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..
This was our wedding day.
We were married on my Grandparents and my parents anniversary.



  1. WOW! You are seriously busy! Blessings : )

  2. Hey there : ) Stopped by from daybook link. Enjoyed reading your post : )
    Happy anniversary!!

  3. Oh.. I'm your newest follower : )

  4. LOL! Some days it seems like it Melanie. :) Thanks for visiting!

  5. Welcome Elizabeth! I'm glad you came by. Thank you - we had a great anniversary! and Thank you for following me! :)