Saturday, October 15, 2011

Making Your Home a Haven

We had some days that were nice and warm and I simply wanted to be outside, so my candle wasn't lit daily. 
Praying for peace - now that WAS a daily occurrence! 

It's since gotten cooler.
Right now its cold and rainy outside, perfect for a candle burning inside to dispel the gloom.
I've updated my candle to French Vanilla so it even smells more like fall (versus the Peony one I had out last week).
This weeks challenge - 
Play soft music your family enjoys, and
focus on maintaining peaceful relationships.
 Focus on gentleness with your words and have fun with your family.

I really feel that we are under attack.
That the more we work towards a peaceful home,
the more Satan tries to disrupt us.
I've been working with lots of attitudes and behaviors this last week,
amazingly they started with this challenge.
I think not.
Satan doesn't want us to have a happy, cozy, loving home.
He wants chaos and anger.
So I will be continuing with lots of prayer, and working on gentleness while having fun with my family.
Today, I'm going to look through my stack of cd's, put something on and love my family! 
How about you?


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