Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making Your Home a Haven

Hmmmm, once again,
I used up my candle.
I've been burning,

So I dug out this one - 
(yes, my glass is broke. My mom used to work in a candle shop and got damaged goods at very good prices. They still
So clutter.
I got it.
I've been working on the living room spot as often as I've had extra time.
It hasn't been as much as I'd like.
I have made some progress though! 
I took some before pictures...
but I couldn't bear to post them! 
So this spot is a tv tray, filled top, under and around with various things that need sorted, repaired, filed, and pitched.
While I haven't completed the project, 
I have made a large dent in the mess! 

I've also done a little bit in the dining room.
Not enough,
but a bit.

This weeks challenge is to (of course)
keep going with everything we've been doing
and then
create some tender moments.
Courtney suggests things like pillow fights, classic movies, board games and back rubs.
Everyone - except Einstein - likes loves back rubs.

We love to watch movies,
but I know I need to work more on silliness and touch.
I know I don't give enough back rubs/ scratches.
Einstein of course doesn't like to be touched but maybe if I'm giving them out to everyone he'll allow it?

I'd like to share this quote before I go,
that Courtney had.

J.R. Miller says “The richest heritage that parents can give is a happy childhood, with tender memories of father and mother. This will brighten the coming days when the children have gone out from the sheltering home, and will be a safeguard in times of temptation and a conscious help amid the stern realities of life.”

Isn't that great?
Come check out Courtney at Women Living Well.



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