Monday, October 10, 2011

Come and Get It!

This weeks menu is made and mostly shopped for.
(still need to hit the Mennonite store since they are closed Sundays)

Breakfast - toast
Lunch - picnic before soccer - sandwiches, apples, chips, peppers and dip, donuts
Supper - Subs

Breakfast - grits, toast
Snack - fruit
Lunch - Sandwiches
Snack - Scones
Supper - Pasties, peach crisp
(I've never made these before - only had store bought ones but LOVE them! Hope this recipe works!)

Breakfast - french toast, fruit
Snack - rice krispy treats (not made last week)
Lunch - leftovers, sandwich
Snack - peppers and dip
Supper - Salad, bread
Prep - pull bacon, rolls & pork out of freezer

Breakfast - bacon, eggs, toast
(save some bacon for dinner)
Snack - muffins (not made last week)
Lunch - leftovers, sandwich
Snack - cheese and crackers
Supper - pork steak, mac and cheese, squash, rolls and peach crisp
Prep - pull bread out for garlic bread

Breakfast - Pancakes, fruit
Snack - crackers
Lunch - leftovers, sandwich
Snack - oatmeal cookies (not made last week)
Supper - Spaghetti (using spaghetti squash), sauce, extra veggies, garlic bread

Breakfast - eggs and toast
Snack - fruit
Lunch - Leftovers, sandwich
Snack - popcorn
Supper - homemade pizza

Breakfast - cereal, toast, fruit
Lunch - leftovers, sandwich
Supper - ? 

Fresh fruit on hand - Apples, bananas, plums, peaches

What's on your menu?


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