Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Your Home a Haven

Things have gone well this past week.
It's been a cooler week in general,
today has been cold and rainy.

Candle weather.
In fact, 
I used up the French Vanilla so had to dig out another - 
Pumpkin Pie.
There's just something so cozy about a candle burning.

It's been on this week, ALOT! 
From Cheri Keaggy to Bob Seger,
Latin for children to Kenny Rogers.
We've been tuning in or turning it on every day.
And we've been dancing.
From whatever the kids were attempting - 
to slow dancing with Good Ole Boy,
we've been having fun.
And it's been more peaceful. 
SO thankful for that! 

So onto this weeks challenge! 
Find a spot that makes you visually stressed.
Buy something (like a basket) to help in that area.
Clean up the clutter.
Throw things away.
Check the clutter in your spiritual life as well.

Hmmm, visually stressed?
That is the WHOLE house! 
Cleaning, purging, donating, pitching,
been doing that all year! 
It's still not where I want it to be.
So no problem working there, 
but this will continue to take me way longer than this challenge.
Currently, I am working:
*Upstairs - getting the kids' play area organized, pitching junk, donating things not needed, and cleaning. 
I will probably need to pick up more totes or some sort for that.
*Living Room - mostly organizing here.
Now that the office is functional (still not finished though), 
I need to get all my paperwork and stuff out of the living room and sorted into filing cabinets, pitched, etc.
*Master Bedroom - needs major organization here.

Other areas that constantly stress me:
*Dining Room Table
* Mud Room
*Kitchen Counter

So I've got lots to do!
Are you participating in the challenge?
I'd love to hear how it's going for you.

Want to read more?
Check out Courtney's blog.



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