Friday, October 21, 2011

Living For Joy Week 3

It's been a good week! 
I can't complain much, 
well except for Einsteins behavior last night, 
which while not bad was sure treading towards not acceptable!
(and might I say EXTREMELY annoying. Sigh. Oh well, he's been doing SO well lately, 
I guess he's entitled to a day full of arguing, annoyance and picking fights....?)

I've had it.

Reasons I have to be happy this week:
*Good Ole Boy and I were able to go out - to our FAVORITE Chinese place for our anniversary!
*We HAD an anniversary.
*My parents were able to come watch the girls soccer game,
and they had another anniversary too!
*School has gone well.
*Overall, Einsteins behavior is good.
(he's only had 1 raging episode in 7 weeks! WOOHOO!)
*I have so much fun with the girls.

What I've done to Love and Serve others:
*Back rubs/scratches.
*Helped girls with their laundry.
 *Prayed for friends.

Are you living for Joy?


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