Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Voyager News - October Edition


Here we are already at the end of another month! 
Wow, does time fly so fast! 
October has been pretty busy.
This month we wrapped up Weaver Ch. 8, 
days 19 - 22.
We then started Ch. 9,
Life applications of Jesus,
and we have done days 1 - 8.
Bible lessons have been taken from Matthew and Luke.
Lots of good discussions! 
In Weaver science Ch. 8 we finished up by learning about non seed plants - algae and moss.
In Ch. 9 science we have been learning about Mountains - what makes a mountain, elevation/altitude, plant and animal life (especially eagles) on mountains, tree/snow lines and precipitation/the water cycle.
Sis has had a few supplement assignments so far.
For Social Studies it's been maps.
Hunny has had some lessons in map making around home,  
and has learned the names/locations of 7 states where family members live and how they relate geographically to our state.
Hunny had so much fun designing a map of her room, 
that she went on to map a map of the house! lol.
The older girls have worked on some geography and map skills at their level as well,
but that's been mostly review.
Weaver has had two health lessons thus far,
protecting our bodies and the use of sunscreen.

For Language Arts, they've had a story assignment,
where they had to write a story involving a river.
I left things wide open as to how to write it and got wonderful results.
Sis wrote a beautiful story in poem format and Bug wrote and illustrated a very nice short story.
They've also had a Bible word search.

We've done a bit of review work in Weaver's Wisdom Words,
and since Hunny is ALWAYS wanting to help me in the kitchen, I've pulled out a home ec book and we are going to try and do that once a week.
So far, both lessons have been review of things she knows - 
nutrition and how to use a veggie peeler. 

~ Read Alouds ~
Little House in the Big Woods - 
from Chapter 8 on - finished.
Farmer Boy - Chapters 1 - 6
My Side of the Mountain - Chapters 1 - 5
(those chapters aren't numbered, 
but I went through and numbered them myself 
for ease of record keeping)

In Photography, 
we have studied George Eastman, Dr. Emerson, 
Margaret Bourke White, and Joe Rosenthal.
We have learned about how digital cameras work, the computers inside cameras, color, and focus.
They have had numerous assignments and have been playing with different settings on their cameras and trying out a variety of tips and suggestions. 

Chemistry has slowed a bit as we've spent extra time studying quantum mechanics.
But we've played tons of games of Bingo, and a variety of other games to help comprehend quantum mechanics,
and have done lots of quizzing each other on it.
We are all done with our Latin review and will now be spending a good week on each chapter.
It's been great hearing Latin chants again through the house. 

Sis and I are still plodding along in The Wedding Dress.
The lifestyle differences are such a big discussion.
I have made up a alphabet song for Hebrew,
and I can sing it! 
By memory!
Sis still thinks I'm nuts, but it is helping.

We had one homestead work day,
where we worked all day around here
instead of doing 'regular' school.
Basement wall/holes into it, goat shed, cleaning, and yard stuff.

We went on one weekend field trip - 
to the local Alpaca Farm.
Had a great time!
We have also been able to check out multiple wooly worms 
and a few praying mantis.

We've had 20 school days this month.
(total - 36)


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