Monday, October 24, 2011

Come and Get It!

So I've been meal planning for over a month now.
YAY me! 
I've learned that I can do this, 
and it doesn't seem like such a big hassle anymore.
I've learned that by planning well, 
the kids aren't always hounding for food.
(Go figure!)
They don't ask for nearly as many snacks as before.
I'm going to be leaving lunches off the menu as we ALWAYS have leftovers, soup, salad, or sandwiches. 
It just doesn't work to plan lunches for us.

Here's this weeks line up.
Breakfast - toast
Lunch - Picnic for soccer - pb and honey sandwiches and apples
Supper - Good Ole Boy made french bread style pizza with tortilla chips and salsa con queso.
(he decided, bought and prepared, I wasn't going to complain)
Prep - pull bagels out of freezer
Breakfast - bagels & cream cheese
Supper - tonight is the 4H small animal banquet so I just need to make brownies today for that.
Prep - pull two loaves of bread and burger out of freezer.

Breakfast - french toast
Supper - Goulash, garlic bread
Prep - pull sausage and muffins out of freezer.

Breakfast - sausage "Mc"muffins/toast 
(not all kids like english muffins)
Supper - Baked potato bar
Prep - soak flour, pull meat out of freezer, rolls?

Breakfast - soaked pancakes
Supper - meat, squash, rice, broccoli, rolls?
(I still need to stop by our local grocery where we get our meat. We'll have preferably steak, 
but might be pork depending on what is on sale)

Breakfast - eggs & toast
Supper - we are attending a Fall Party, we need to bring a bag of candy and a dish to pass.
We have the candy, 
but I haven't decided what to make to pass yet.

Breakfast - cold cereal, toast, fruit

Fresh fruit on hand - apples
Fresh veggies - peppers, carrots

Snack ideas - oatmeal cookies, rice krispy treats, peach crisp, veggies and dip, fruit

What's on your menu?


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