Saturday, October 15, 2011

Living for Joy Week 2

I have thought about this ALL week.
I really should have started a list so that when I came here to type it up, I could REMEMBER! lol.
This challenge is great in that it has me thinking - DAILY - of good things.
Especially when I do feel like we are being attacked spiritually and there is lots of arguing, naughty behavior or loud voices.
I have SO MUCH to be thankful for! 

It's also gotten me thinking of how I can reach out more to others. 
This has lead me to a personal challenge of reaching out, communicating, encouraging and praying for my friends.

Reasons I have to be happy this week:
*My husband and I celebrate 14 years of marriage tomorrow.
*He brought me a little gift yesterday to say he loves me.
*We got to go to a friends house last night and had a great time visiting.
*School has gone well
*Einstein is doing well in school and at his parent teacher conference, his math teacher spoke glowingly about him.
*Einsteins 504 meeting was productive and positive.
*We have a roof over our heads to shelter us from the rains.
*Bug found a praying mantis outside.
*Good Ole Boy is still rocking the sales at work.
*We've been blessed with potatoes.
*Bug did a great job at the library's  pre-teen jeopardy challenge.
*We have a credit on our cell phone bill.
*Had some one-on-one time with Bug.

What I've done to love and serve others:
*Rubbed Good Ole Boys back.
*Made acv/honey toddy's for Bug.
*Let Bug pick something for the two us to do - and did it.
*Tried to stay patient with the constant disciplining this week.
*Spent more time in prayer for my friends.
*Made some goodies that the kids enjoyed.


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