Friday, October 7, 2011

Living For Joy

I've been thinking how depressing my last post was,
My house doesn't feel like a haven....
Then I read a post this morning that got me -
you know, it stepped on my toes!

Honest, I try to be thankful.
And I try to serve my family without grumbling.
So let me dwell on that today.

Reasons I have to be happy this week:
* I have my husband and kids
* We got almost all of the planned school work done!
* Hunny prays with such heart, I love it.
* Sis has been doing her supplement work and doing a great job.
* The sun has been shinning and it's been warm. I have totally loved spending the afternoons outside soaking in the suns warmth.
* Hunny is a big helper. Tonight she even helped debone rabbit!
* I get hugs and kisses from my girls.
* Sis gave me a foot rub.
* Bug makes me cute drawings.
* Unexpected blessings that help us through.
* Sis and Bug won 4H county awards - I'm so proud of them!
* Good Ole Boy has been top in sales at work - he rocks!
* I've been able to get some extra work done around the house.
* We have a roof over our heads. I might not like it, but it IS better than being homeless.
* We have food in our bellies. It might not be what WE want, and yes, that means *I* have to cook it but it IS better than going hungry.
* Gas is down!
* I have my parents, and wonderful memories of my grandparents.
* I have the privilege of being able to homeschool my girls.

What I've done to love and serve others
* Read to Hunny when I was "busy".
* Cooked and did laundry when I didn't feel like it.
* Played extra games of Element Bingo when the kids asked.
* Let Hunny stay in p.j's when shes asked.
* Stayed up really late making Einstein do his French, not to be a big meanie, but because I want him to succeed and do well in school. 
* Let the girls crash on the couch when they were sad over Bugs turtle dying.

Funny, we've been talking about similar things in school.
In Weaver, we have been talking about being a good steward.
How everything we have is a gift from God.
How we should be thanking God DAILY for what he has bestowed upon us.
How we are to be BLESSING others, however we can.

Are we?
I like the concept of this challenge.
To be deliberate in our thanksgivings,
in our servings.


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  1. Great list! Thanks for participating in the first week of "Living for Joy" challenge!