Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Simple Woman's DayBook


Outside my window...It is dark and rainy.

I am thinking...About goats and chickens. 

I am thankful...That Good Ole Boy and Bug have gotten alot of the goat shed roof done!

From the learning rooms...Weaver Chapter 9, 
Day 7.
Hunny was reading tonight - until she realized
what she was doing, lol. Then she stopped.  

In the kitchen...Dinner is put away. 
Prepared a peach/apple crisp but am to tired to actually bake it
(no one would be awake to eat it and it's got to be better warm!). 

I am wearing...P.J bottoms, blue fleece shirt, socks and a fleece pirate blanket.

I am creating... I am going to make fingerless gloves,
since my hands are always FREEZING! 
Should I do a dark purple, medium purple with some brown zig zag accents, white or green? 
I'm also planning on making some goat coats. 

I am going...To go to bed earlier tonight!

I am wondering...Why this guy hasn't sent me a picture yet?
I found a dairy goat that I want more info on and he said he'd send me a picture...haven't gotten it.  

I am reading...Farmer Boy - school
My side of the Mountain - school
The Wedding Dress - Lit with Sis
And I'll will be starting
The Confession by Beverly Lewis

I am hoping... That God continues to bless Good Ole Boys job.

I am looking forward to...A Fall Party at a friends house Friday.

I am hearing...The whirr of the computers,
Sis is playing the wii and is quite chattery. 

Around the house...Added straw to the goat pen - and discovered the roof was leaking (why they are working on the roof!)
Einstein and I cleaned half the basement and piled rocks back up where the hole was. 
(that half is original basement so is just rock and earth - well, and tree roots)
Been working on some indoor clutter.
Have another load ready to go to GoodWill. 

I am pondering...Organization.
Healthy/traditional eating.
Chicken Coop Designs.

One of my favorite things...Sleeping with the rain drumming on the window.

A few plans for the rest of the week:School, Work, Bug has Jeopardy, Run to the feed store and the Amish store, Fall party, Sis hopes to go to a friends, Bug is supposed to be going to a b-day party (better call and verify that), Church, soccer game, Sis has youth group. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...



  1. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you! Hope the weather improves so you don't have to freeze while you're running around doing your errands. Have a blessed week.

  2. Oh thank you! Lol, as I'm shivering. I'm wishing for summer to return! :)
    It's not much busier than normal though. We are a busy bunch!
    Thank you so much for visiting!