Friday, July 2, 2010


So Good Ole Boy surprised us and rented Avatar. I had just mentioned this movie last week to him. :) I think we were the last people on the planet to watch it lol! 

I had a hard time grasping the concept of the movie initially, but I also had four kids talking, arguing & asking questions at that same time. Once we got them quieted down, things went much better. :/ 

This is a story that has played out many times throughout history. Someone has something that someone else wants. Doesn't matter that the first someone was there first. Sigh. I love the history of America. The Pilgrims, the Pioneers, etc. but they still encroached on the native population and how many treated both the people and land is sad. Very similar to what happens in Avatar on Pandora. It's not that the land was wanted, but something in the land. And they didn't care who or what they hurt to get what they wanted. 
This is a story about that. Someone who gets caught up in the situation of helping TAKE or DEFEND the people/land of Pandora.  
The special effects were amazing! I was very impressed there. It was like a real place and everything seemed very realistic. There was a minor love story woven in and it made us all cry at times which is a big indicator to me. :) I thought it was a very good movie, with the exception of the language. There was absolutely no reason for that. :(

I give it 4 stars (-1 for language)

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  1. Nope you aren't the last people on the planet to watch Avatar...guessing that would be US now. We haven't watched yet.

    I followed you from your post on Woman Living Well blog. You use the same curricula I use (Weaver). I started using the curricula in 2000.