Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Schoolroom

Last week we took a week off of school. 
So I was naughty and deviated from FlyLady and worked in the schoolroom (honestly, I don't think she'll mind!). :) 
For some reason we've been at the dining room table for 6 months (or at least it feels like it!) and I'm really tired of being there when I have a perfectly good spot carved out just for school. 
Some one by the names of "Not me", "I didn't do it" and "Don't know" had snuck into our house under the dogs noses and destroyed my schoolroom! I mean really. The books were scattered everywhere (looked like the bookcases puked), crayons, markers, legos, multiple card sets = everywhere. 
I just haven't had time to tackle that room. 
Yes, I know that I am a perfectionist. FlyLady is teaching me that. But still. 
If I didn't have time to tackle the WHOLE room, it just wasn't happening. 
So last week was dedicated to it. 
Now it's not perfect, but it IS functional and tomorrow will be ready for our together school. :) 
 From the hallway. 
Here you see Hunny & Bugs desks. Of course Bugs' Civil War musket is beside her desk in case it's needed to defend our schooling from ambush.
A laundry basket with coloring & activity books, a shoebox with wooden blocks, a big ziploc holding a wooden train set, garbage can and two totes of Legos. (the blue tote was Good Ole Boys as a kid and the legos will eventually get sorted out and his will get put away downstairs)
My chalkboard that Good Ole Boy made me. :) 
Bookcase #1 holding our ChildCraft set, Bible books, History, early readers and our collection of Dr. Seuss & Disney. 
On the ceiling is a world map & US map.  
Bookcase #3 was brought in yesterday by my amazing hubby. :) 
It holds a box of drawing paper and reading books like Eric Carle, Hardy Boys, Little Women & Moby Dick.
From the stairway.
You see Sis & Einsteins desks. 
The rest of bookcase #3 with totes of crayons & markers, a microscope (1 of about 4 in the house) and lots of books! 
Bookcase #2 is against the wall holding our World Book set, Science & a few math books - like the M & M ones. :) 
On the ceiling is the US map & a state map.
On the wall is a solar system chart and some neat plant displays my dad found for us. 
Standing in front of bookcase #3.
My desk, a 2 drawer filing cabinet and then the girls drawers - that until yesterday were located against the back wall. This is the only place I could move it to when the bookcase was brought in. 
I don't have a desk chair but use a folding chair so it can easily get moved to go down the hallway. 
The filing cabinet stores files of completed work, currently all their finished lapbooks, and misc. resources. Like a box of French cards that were found at my Grandparents, maps, recipes we've used and various things I've printed out for different chapters. 
My desk drawers are organized with pencils, pens, colored pencils, clay, styrofoam solar system, counting sticks & play money. 
A copy of the Declaration of Independence is on my wall. 

I know not every homeschooler has a schoolroom. 
Many don't want one.
But after living in a small trailer for so long, I was very happy to have a special place for ours.
It's not much, a 10 X 10 landing at the top of the stairs, but it works.

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