Friday, July 9, 2010

MOVIE NIGHT - Magic in the Water

The kids picked this one out at the library, where kids movies are free for a week. Works for me! ;) I had never heard of it before...

This was a GREAT movie! There was, unfortunately - language - most of which was from the 'son'. 

The story line: there are two kids who live with mom. Dad is coming to take them on a summer visitation vacation into Canada. The problem: Dad is a workaholic and doesn't spend time with or understand the kids. The solution: the town's "monster". :) 

The little girl, Ashley, believes in the stories of the towns monster and he becomes her friend and protector. In turn, she is able to help save him. In the process, Dad starts to see things differently and becomes a child again, and healing takes place in their family. 

All of us enjoyed this movie and I would recommend it for families. Like I said, there is language. Some may also not like the Native American references - shape shifting and a smudging scene. 

I give it 4 stars (-1 for language)

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