Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burger & Beans

Well, I SHOULD be do the Completing Him Challenge BUT he hasn't gotten back to me on what I've asked him. SO - I thought I'd share what he concocted for dinner last night. :) Like I've said before, he is an AMAZING cook! This was a joint effort as he bought the ingredients and I cooked but then he added seasonings.
Here we go:
2 lbs of venison burger
Package of bacon
dried onion (simply because I am out of onions)

I put all of this into the wok. Started browning the burger and then cut the bacon into about inch chunks and added it in. I ALWAYS add pepper to burger, I <3 pepper! lol. :) Sprinkled the dried onion in. When the meat was cooked, we added:
a LARGE can of pork & beans
BBQ sauce
mustard (spicy)
salt & pepper

I mixed the beans in so they could warm and Good Ole Boy started throwing in the seasonings. He never ever measures anything so I couldn't say how much of each was used. It was very yummy. He had gotten tortilla chips and used this as a dip, but some of the kids simply ate it plain and I'm sure it'd be good like a sloppy joe sandwich too. We even had leftovers! With six of us that doesn't happen often, but it's always nice to have something easy to heat up for lunch the next day.

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