Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Completing Him Challenge --Catch up from week 2

So week twos challenge was to talk about our dating days....hahaha. Funny since we didn't really date! 

(Me - shortly before we met)

My mom says I knew Good Ole Boy from way back. He was in her Sunday School class. But I don't remember that!!
I was working as a daycare assistant and living with a friend and her little boy. I came home from work and was making Indian Tacos for our dinner. It had been an early day and I was tired and quite honestly crabby. Kelly's cousin and his brother stopped by. They ate ALL my tacos! I was SO MAD! Sigh. Yep, you guessed it - Good Ole Boy was the brother. lol. 
Shortly after that we were driving to the gas station. My car didn't have a working gas gauge and I knew I was getting low. I was at a stop light kiddie corner from the station when I ran out of gas. We didn't even have time to think when .... my knight showed up. Good Ole Boy just happened to be driving through town, saw us, and pulled up right behind. He ended up pushing us to the gas station and helped get my car running again. He then said that I owed him. Well now, 14 years later here we are. 

He was really young when we got together. Still in high school & already had Einstein. I say 'when we got together' because really, we didn't "date". He came over to my place, I went over to his folks, but that was mostly it. I don't remember going out and doing the whole dating thing. It was just us, together, and then I got pregnant so quickly with Sis (yes, I was rebellious then and NOT living the way I should have been).
(Good Ole Boy & Einstein shortly after we met)

One thing I have missed is the time to just spend with him. I remember watching him work on cars and us talking. Having kids has hindered that alot. But I AM working on that! I try to go watch him when he is working on things now, and with Sis being old enough to babysit, we can leave them for a bit here & there and go out - ALONE to talk. It's really nice when we can do that. :) 

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