Friday, July 23, 2010

Goat Project

Bug has a goat for fair. His name is Chippers. We board him three miles away at a ranch. Bug is pretty much in charge of the goat barn this summer as I think she should have the experience. Even though we can't have goats at home - she should have to take care of them all AND do the fun stuff like cleaning up goat raisins. :)
Bug & Good Ole Boy thought that some work needed to get done to the goat barn. So last Saturday we spent the afternoon working on the barn. 
Good Ole Boy & Sis measuring the wall.
Looking out from the inside you can see the gaps. This made the barn walls pretty weak, and if you know goats....they are known for being escape artists, lol. :) We figured they could bust out fairly easy if they got the notion in their heads. Plus, it allowed for cold air and snow to come in. Good Ole Boy loved the look of the old walls though, so he kept them to add back over the new walls for looks. 
As the walls came down, I got the fun job of keeping the goats out of the barn! The kids took turns helping with that. The boys were pretty much NOT interested - too noisy I guess, but Rosie, well let's just say she was a tad bit more difficult. :) 
Here's the gang checking us out. Rosie is in front, Mikey behind her and Chip is the little one. 
Bug working hard nailing the new wall in place. I just love the look on her face! :) 
Good Ole Boy nailing the original wood over the new walls. This gave a nice solid interior wall, but a more rustic look on the exterior. 
One job done, and now they are planning another....

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