Friday, July 16, 2010

MOVIE NIGHT - Secret of the Cave

Here is another dvd from the library. I discovered this one and grabbed it because..... it had to do with Ireland, LOL! :D Anything Irish or Scottish and I'm in. Both Good Ole Boy and I have ancestors from Ireland....but I am digressing. 

Secret of the Cave was apparently based upon a book, but I am not familiar with that. The movie was not what I was expecting really, but it was quite good. 

The story is about an early teen boy, who obviously did NOT have a good relationship with his father. His father took him to Ireland, but literally dropped him off at relatives. The boy, Roy, discovered a mystery fairly quickly and sets off to unravel it. As the title suggests, part of the mystery lies in a cave. 

Roy seems to develop a good relationship with his aunt and uncle, although he lies a wee bit and is disobedient at times. He develops friendships with some local folk and relating to others is a big topic. The relationships between Roy and his parents obviously cause him alot of distress but the isn't any resolution of that in the movie. 

I will give it five stars -- as there wasn't any language! :) 

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