Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Completing Him Challenge --Catch up from week 3

When we said "I do", it meant "I will"

The challenge: to remember our wedding vows. 
It seems so long ago. Scanning these pictures....we looked so....young. Wow. lol. Marriage is NOT an easy road, It IS a lot of hard work. But it is so SPECIAL. I love Good Ole Boy more today than when we were married. 

I knew when my wedding day would be since I was like 10 years old. Just had to wait for the year, lol. :) It fell on a Thursday, October 16, 1997. 
I really wanted an outdoor wedding, but October weather can be questionable, so we were in church. We had a western theme. My Grandfather walked me down the aisle, and my Dad performed the ceremony. 

I felt so loved and beautiful that day, surrounded by our friends & family. And he was so handsome. :) 

My mother-in-law made my dress and many of our decorations were homemade. 

The wedding party from left - my Sister Feather, my cousin Renee, my friend Kelly (who I lived with when the taco incident occurred), my best friend CJ, in front of me - flower girls: my nieces, Jay & H, in front of Good Ole Boy is Einstein as ring bearer, my brother-in-law John, friend Mike, & my brother M. We have an uneven number for a reason. We had a dear friend Ken, who was to stand up with Good Ole Boy, but he drowned a few months prior. We did not feel right in putting someone else in his spot. 

I knew what day I wanted to get married because it was also my grandparents & my parents anniversaries.

Our family 
(Sis & Einstein)

Our cake. We also had two small heart cakes along the side with each of our names on them. The cake topper was homemade. I thought it was so cute. 

There was no dancing during our reception - since it was also in the church. My parents kept the kids and we went out with some friends and did karaoke & dancing at a bar. It might not of been the fairy tale, but it was magical. My only regret was that we never did have a honeymoon, with two little kids and no money. 

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