Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...  It's a beautiful sunny day, but very HOT & STICKY! 

I am thinking... That I must be getting old, as the humidity is really bothering me this summer. :( 

I am thankful for... Our freedom.

From the learning rooms...Today is individual work only. Otherwise, Hunny is learning about Day 4 of creation in Interlock. We've learned how the sun influences the seasons, what the seasons are & how they are different in different parts of the world. (i.e. while it's summer here, some places it's winter) The others are learning about reproduction & the importance of  families in Weaver. They are currently working on writing a story about a family event.

From the kitchen... Sis tore apart the cupboard that holds our plates, bowls & cups, and reorganized it today - just for something to do. Awesome huh? :) Nothing is happening there currently - it's too hot. 

I am wearing... Jean shorts, a Pooh Bear t-shirt & tennis shoes. Work clothes since I had to work today. 

I am creating... More blog ideas, so that I can blog on a more regular basis.

I am going... To organize the storage container shelf yet today! (just need to keep reminding myself to do so!)

I am reading... Well, I WILL be reading Eclipse as I finished New Moon last night. 

I am hoping... That it rains! ha ha! Maybe that will cut some of this humidity. (I'm really not trying to complain here, I am SO GLAD that it's summer!) 

I am hearing... Sis giggle over messages with/from a boy, Bug chattering about her poetry, the windchimes tinkling on the porch, dog nails clicking on the kitchen floor and the fans whirring.

Around the house...Well.....it's starting to look some better as we've been fluttering all week long. Feeling very proud of us for keeping on the move there. Didn't get all of yesterday's mission accomplished, but did get the freezer fire put out. Was able to pitch some things without feeling guilty! Go me! Girls decluttered their books yesterday and that was awesome. I keep working on our bedroom as it's been neglected for some time. Even though we've moved out of the bedroom zone, I try and take care of at least one more thing every morning. Eventually we will have a home free from CHAOS! :D 

One of my favorite things... Is watching Good Ole Boy shave! lol. I used to sit and watch my grandpa shave when I was little. There is something magical about that simple act.

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, Work, Fair prep (hopefully!), and the County Shoot is Saturday (this is for Shooting Sports and is a fair entry even though it's a month before fair time).

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
It was awfully bright that day. This is my best friend CJ & I. We've been friends for.....oh my goodness!....30 years! Wow. It's awesome to have those friends that no matter how many miles separate us, or how many months/years it's been since we've seen each other, you can still count on them, and pick up - right where you left off.

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