Thursday, July 22, 2010

MOVIE NIGHT - Chilly Dogs

Another kids section freebie from the library. Leslie Nielson is in this so I grabbed it thinking of laughs.

Kevin lives a boring life in California and works a boring job as a travel agent. He prays for something exciting to happen in his life. Then he gets a letter saying his Grandfather passed away and left his inheritance to him. Kevin quits his job and travels to Alaska....only to learn there is a catch. He must compete in the Iditarod - in 48 hours! 

As Kevin learns more about his Grandpa, he squabbles with some locals, struggles to find a dog team & learn how to mush - and he is hindered each step of the way.  

This IS a hilarious movie! But it should not have been located in the kids section!! It is full of language, fighting, drinking and some sexual references. 

I give it three stars (-2 for language & sex)

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