Friday, February 18, 2011

Homeschool days

As ya'll know, I've been following Courtney over at Women Living Well. :) 
This week she is talking about homeschooling. 
I've recently posted our half way thru the year check in, but I thought I'd talk about what a "typical" school day looks like. 
IS there such a thing as a typical day?! mmmmm, not really!!
I LOVE typical days....they just don't happen daily. 

We are NOT morning people. But with Einstein in public school ~ I'm working on it.

My alarm starts going off at 5:30 - somedays 5:45 if I'm feeling really tired. This is so I can hit snooze a bunch and finally DRAG myself out from the cozy warm cocoon of comforters and Good Ole Boys arms by 6:30. 
Einstein needs up at 6:30 so he can dress, walk the dogs and leave by 7. He has to walk across town to catch the bus at the elementary school. 
As soon as Einstein is up the coffee pot is turned on! 
Good Ole Boy gets up about now to get ready for work as he also leaves close to 7.

When everyone leaves and the house is quiet, I veg with my coffee and computer. I check email, facebook and if there is time, I do my blog post and/or blog reading. 
I *TRY* to be in the shower by 8.
Bug is my early riser and usually is downstairs between 7:30 and 8. 
I prefer to be in the shower before she comes down...
but that doesn't always happen.

It is my goal to have breakfast at least started by 8:30. 
I have a monthly breakfast menu that is working very well. Some days do get mixed up but overall it's good. 

Around 9 the girls need to be getting dressed and ready for the day. Let me say, when you have a teenager, this can be a lengthy process! lol. Even if we aren't going anywhere! Sigh. 
Once dressed, chores need done. 
Goats need watered, etc.

9:30 -10 they need to start on individuals once they finish getting ready and chores. 
This gives ME time to get dressed, start laundry and help Hunny get around.
We have a 'no screens' before school rule, but alot of times Sis is ready before me so I will allow a quick check of her email and facebook, but no playing! 
This rule has helped ALOT by eliminating a distraction that caused everyone to run late.

It is MY GOAL that we are upstairs ready for school at 10. Needless to say, we are often late..... :S 

Together school always starts with our Bible lesson.
Then I'll either read a chapter from our read aloud (if we have one) or we do our science/history for the day. Using Weaver, they are usually alternated, so one day will be science and the next social studies. 
It really depends on WHAT we are studying though. Some topics have health and art. 
Some topics there is lots of hands on or supplemental things that I find. 
Some topics are very simple.
Some things we go over verbally, while others I have them take notes on.
With Sis in high school, we use the volumes supplement. Sometimes I go over the topic with everybody, but usually she is assigned reading from that along with extra activities.
Somedays I pick a topic out of Weavers Wisdom Words program and we do that for language arts. Somedays I assign creative writing.
Every day is different.
When we are done with together school, I help Hunny with math. 

All of this is usually accomplished by lunch time, 
which is usually taken around 12:30 - 1.
Lunch is often an 'on your own' affair. 
Leftovers, soup, sandwiches, etc. 
Lately Sis is on a friend potatoes kick.
During lunch, I usually rotate laundry and check email/facebook. 

After lunch, we finish whatever didn't get done in the morning and whatever individuals they didn't finish. Then we do Latin. Now the littles are done and I focus on Sis. We try to do literature and (now) Hebrew. 

When they are done, I TRY to get them outside! 
It is always hard in the winter to get them out though. 
Tv may come on after school. 
Which is just movies as we don't get any stations. 
The wii is great during the winter! 
The wii was a school purchase last tax season. 
I wanted wii fit so they can use it for PE in the winter. It gets them up and active even if its yucky outside. :)

~~NOW, throw this out the window on Tuesday and days I work! ~~

Tuesday is running day. 
Currently we are down to one vehicle. 
This means, we all take Good Ole Boy to work.
This means we are in town at 7:30. 
Talk about UGH! lol.
We do some errands, or read and work on individuals in the truck.
I pack snacks and lunches. 
Karate is at 12:30.
Gym class is at 2.
Then we wait for Good Ole Boy to get out of work...

Days that I work, I try and read to them in the morning and they do individuals while I'm gone. 
If we can, we do together stuff in the afternoon, which makes for later days. 
I hate working. 
Not that it's hard or anything, and the extra money is vital for us, but I so wish I could be home ALL the time!

Einstein gets home at 4 and then chores need done at five.

So, that is our homeschool day. 
Crazy huh? 
But I love it. 
I love homeschooling. 
What do your days look like?

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  1. I enjoyed getting a peak at your day!

    We do not have a typical day as often as I would like either.. but we are always learning and enjoying one another. We start our school lessons with a bible lesson as well. :)