Sunday, February 6, 2011


The kittens are 5 months old now! 
So much fun. 
Here's Mystic (momma cat)
Yeah, not a great picture, but I tried and this is the best there is. :/

Oh and here's Copper! 
He's an outside cat. 
We tried bringing him in when he first showed up, but he got in the dryer and pooped all over. Ick. 
Now Bug will bring him in and hold him for a few, then right back out he goes. 
We *think* he's the kitties dad.

Rebel playing with his mouse
Aiden wants to play too! 
Pretty boy.
And then there's Garfield, who has gotten huge! 
I looked it up and we had rescued him in mid July.
Somedays I feel like the Crazy Cat Woman, lol. 

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