Saturday, February 19, 2011

Something I am afraid of...

"The Lord is my light and my salvation,
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life,
Of whom shall I be afraid?"
Psalms 27:1
This is an issue for me. 
While I don't see myself as a scaredy cat, I do deal with anxiety.
When I asked my family what I was scared of I got the answer of - spiders. LOL. 
I will admit they used to SCARE me, but now it's more of an intense dislike. 
Now, I can squish 'em instead of calling for someone else! :) 

So here is *MY* list that I came up with:

* Tornadoes
Tornado weather just freaks me out. 
I am very thankful that we do not live in tornado alley! 
And WHY do tornado watches happen at night when we can't SEE anything! ugh.

* Fire
Not really fire, but the thoughts of a house fire.
I'm not sure why. 
I've never been involved in a house fire.
Never had anyone really close to me involved in one either.
Yet, I remember being a little girl and looking out the back door totally petrified that our house would burn down.
I drive Good Ole Boy nuts, always asking about smells or electrical cords. Sigh. 

* Something happening to my kids
It's awful. 
I am totally paranoid here.
I don't like them jumping on a trampoline - what if they fall wrong and break their neck?
Letting them go swimming at camp - what if they aren't watched carefully and drown?
Now, I DO let them go and do things. 
I just worry the whole time they are gone.
I'll be a nervous wreck when Sis starts driving...

* Losing my family
What would I do without them?!

This is a big area for me. 
One that I am working on.
My family thinks I'm silly.
It's not a conscious choice - to be scared of something - it's just there.
I hate it. 
I wish it would go away. 
What are you afraid of?

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