Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days

Like many places in the country, we have gotten a big snow storm. 
Some call it a blizzard, some say it's not nearly that bad.
I say "Snow go away!", and "What do you mean another snow day?!"
Here are some pictures of both the last storm and this one.

 Emmett hollering for Bug. 
 Oh so happy to be in the snow.
 Better watch out! 
 My photographer...
amazingly took MANY pics of herself. lol. :) 
Chippers wanting some attention.
 Hunny never wants to come back in!
 The sledding "hill" next door at the church. 
Bug is in the top left corner on a snow board.
Einstein is the middle one in the group of boys,
and Hunny at the bottom. 
Good Ole Boy shoveling a path out from Tuesday's snow. Snow in many places was up over his knees!
 The boys get so excited when they see someone shoveling out to them! lol. Poor Emmet, the snow was up over his belly. 
(I am safely warm in the laundry room, keeping them company whilst they wait.)  

Did you get much snow?

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