Friday, February 25, 2011

My Favorite tv shows

We no longer have tv. 
When we moved here, we got CBS and PBS.
Sometimes in the bedroom on the ancient Zenith, 
and only when the weather was nasty, 
we'd get two more stations in...

This was annoying, but we dealt with it. 
I mean, kids could watch PBS and most of the shows we enjoyed were on CBS.

But then, there was the "CHANGE OVER". Sigh.
We got static.
We got the converter box. 
We got a fancy digital antenna, 
and if you put in your zip on their website it says
we should receive signal for 59 channels! 
We got static.

Cable is not in our budget. Sigh.
We rent alot of movies...

But, here is what I enjoyed watching when we did have tv, 
or when we go somewhere and have cable access....

What do you watch?

1 comment:

  1. We like the same TV shows. I have a little secret that I can share with you if you have fast enough Internet. LOL. ;) Email me.