Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eye spy

As part of our discussion of Jesus healing the blind, we have been talking about sight, and it was suggested in Weaver, that they do a dissection of a cow eye.
How fun! 
We haven't done a dissection in quite awhile. 
I called and was able to pick up these eyes for free! 
I am very glad I asked for two as Einstein had the day off of school and Sis had a friend spend the night so I had 5 students instead of 3. 
Doesn't Sis look thrilled? lol.
 Bug is much more into this idea than Sis.
There is a GREAT site that gives step by step directions. 
 LOVE her face!
Looking through the lens...
Checking out the retina.

Hunny participated a bit which surprised me. 
Sis got into it as we went along. 
You can see her face change from disgust to some interest. 
Einstein has taken the lenses to school to show off to the science teacher. 

On a side note - since Einstein's surgery was to remove his lenses, it was fascinating to see what they look like. 
He tried looking through them without his glasses - we were curious on if he'd see or not - but he couldn't. 
It was just blurry. Lol. :)

We had a great time learning about our amazing gift of sight! 


  1. GROSS! I should have sent my high school student over there. BLECK. I haven't done not one single dissection with my crew. I can't stomach it. We've watched a few online.

  2. PLEASE tell me this is not a requirement in homeschooling??? I'm a nurse & I have a strong stomach, except for when it comes to EYEBALLS!!! eewwwww

  3. oh beyond gross! And I was raised a farm girl and did lots of gross stuff, and was a paramedic before I had kids! But I have a thing about eyes. . . . When we get to that part in whatever volume it is in, I may have to hand the floor over to my husband. . . . or maybe I'll have a stronger stomach by then. . . I do have three boys after all, lol! :)Looking forward to following your adventures!