Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making a Goat Cart

I made the harness
and I made the halter,
now it's time for Good Ole Boy and Bug to make the cart.

Our first need was supplies.
Since we are all about reusing, recycling and finding things cheaper,
we went to a local garbage company.
We used to go to church with the owners so Bug was fairly comfortable speaking to him.
She explained what she was building and asked if he had any supplies.
He looked around for wheels and axle material but couldn't find anything suitable.
He showed us the wood pile and told her to take whatever she needed - no charge!
They estimated what they would need for the cart and loaded it up.
Ended up with more than enough!

 Good Ole Boy and Bug spent lots of time discussing the cart.
Ultimately she wants a "Dr. Baker buggy".
But this year she needs to start smaller! lol

So they got started building a seat and cart base.
Good Ole Boy was planning yet for the axle and wheels.
Then one day after walking Chip, Good Ole Boy spotted an old wagon he'd forgotten about sitting out under a pine tree.
We dug it out thinking he might be able to modify the axle for her cart.
Always wanting to help...

It was a PERFECT fit! 
Hooking Chip up for the first time.
Bug paints the cart, using paint we had on hand.
Chip pulling the cart at fair.

Cart cost - $5 
(for bolts to attach shafts to cart)

Now, at fair, the judge and goat superintendent were pretty impressed, 
they said the seat needs to be lower. 
In fact, they recommended putting the seat right down on the cart base and putting the foot rest even lower.
By lowering the center of gravity this will make it easier on Chip.

Something to think about if you are going to make a goat cart yourself. :)

Does your goat drive a cart or pull a wagon?


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  1. I think this is fantastic - something I could possibly emulate (some day). I always dreamed of having some wooden medieval horse carts to paint (and sell) but now am more reasonable, lol.
    Thanks so much for sharing this ingenious experiment... would love to see if you create a lower seated one!