Monday, August 22, 2011

Garden Check In

~Early August~
This was my garden update before fair but I didn't have time to post! 

 My very sad bean patch.
SO many didn't sprout.

When I was laying down here, 
taking pics and weeding,
Hunny came over.
She got down on her belly with me, 
took one look under the squash leaves, and said 
"MOM! I bet fairies live here!"
SO cute.
She then proceeded to spend the longest time trying to convince them to come out of hiding! 

I'd never had purple peppers before,
neat watching them.

Bummed that only one pepper plant seems to be producing.
I've only harvested one zucchini so far!
The only other one that was growing went soggy - 
I suspect someone stepped on it?

The lettuce has been great! 
We have harvested quite a bit for salads, tacos, sandwiches....
Very pleased.

I've made some turnip greens so far, 
but I still struggle with thinning these guys so still working on learning how to get a decent harvest there.

 Looking up from the bottom of the tomato plant

I have very small pumpkin greenery, 
but I think it's getting squashed out (haha) by the squash!
So this was my early August garden.
How's your garden doing?


  1. Lovely garden. So happy someone has a bounty. :)

  2. Oh thanks! Hope you get something out of yours! :)