Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fair Week 2011 - part 2

Glad you came back to hear more about our week at fair! 

Yesterday I took you through the prep work and entry times.

Monday was rabbit day.
Rabbit day really lasts ALL. Day. LONG.
This year we didn't even stay til the end! 

Bug - Jr (10) Showmanship.

Sis - Int (13) Showmanship
Bug got first place! 
Way to go! 
Sis got 3rd, BUT she'd only had a week to practice showing a himilayan - her dwarf hotot died the week before fair. :(
Since Bug got 1st, she had to do a "showdown" with all the other Jr. first place winners. 
The winner from this would go on to show in Overall on Friday. 
(the overall kid will show dog, goat, rabbit and poultry)
She didn't win but I'm proud of her anyways.
This is two years in a row she's got first - she'll get there someday.
Himi breed class.
They both got 'A' ribbons.
We decided to leave early since all our rabbits were done.
Going to do chores before we left we discovered this.
See why we never have anything nice?
Wiz is IN the hay rack! 
No wonder it keeps breaking! 

Tuesday was goat day.
And CloverBud bunnies.
Another long day.

Here's Bug getting ready for goat showmanship.
Hunny showing her bunny.

Bug in Jr. Showmanship.
She got 6th place. 
The judge was great in explaining WHY he placed everyone like he did.
He said she lost many placings because Chip was leaning on her.
Which you can kinda see in the pics how he's leaning right into her.
Huh, here I thought he was doing great since he WALKED and STOOD without moving! lol.

Hunny CloverBud Showmanship 
(Emmett was uncooperative so she used Wiz)
Wether Class with Wiz.
He got 10th place - but wasn't last!
He needs another 30-60 days to finish since he's smaller.
Club Herd, they got first! 

 She was the only one to enter the driving class so she got an 'A'. 
She did a great job and the superintendent and judge were very impressed! 
Cleaning up after the goat show.

Well, that's all I have time to post for today.
I hope to have part 3 up tomorrow.
Check back to hear how the rest of our fair week went.

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