Monday, July 18, 2011

How to make a goat harness

Have a goat?
Need a harness?

Make one.

I am NOT a seamstress. 
I can only handle buttons and small rips.
If *I* can do this, anyone can! 
These directions came from the 4H harness goat project packet that our extension office was finally able to scrounge up for us.
(Inside it's marked with the logos from Michigan State University, Ohio State University and Cornell University.)

I modified as needed.
*buckle $0
- I used the one from Chips old collar he'd just broke (it was 1 inch)

* 2 rings with one flat side $0
- again, I used the one from Chip and Emmetts old collars (both 1 inch).

*nylon webbing $3
- I bought ratchet straps from the dollar store and used 2 ($1.50 ea).

*fabric for padding $0
- I used an old flannel sheet.

The directions also call for eyelets (for the buckle).
Right now I only have eyelets for scrapbooking so that is what I am using temporarily.
(I'm sure they won't last long since they were made for paper, but I use what I have and substitute where I can)

And snaps. Which I honestly haven't figured that part out yet! lol. :)

Cost as of right now = $3.00
But that was recycling the buckle and rings and not adding the snaps yet.

The sizes given were for a large Nubian.
Chip is Boer/LaMancha, BUT he's only a year old.
I made it according to the Nubian sizes and tacked it to fit in hopes that it'll still fit him next year.

Start by making the heart girth strap. This fits behind the front legs and goes up over the back. 
Cut 86 inches of webbing, fold in half so it's 43 inches long. Cut a piece of fabric 43 inches long. I cut mine wide enough to double for extra padding but you could cut to width of your webbing if you wanted. I used lots of safety pins to hold it all together while I sewed. I used a larger needle and fishing line
for my thread. The fabric will be next to the goats skin. 
Attach the buckle to one end and make holes in the other.
When that is made put it on your goat and mark the point of shoulders and the top of the withers. I used safety pins to mark these spots.

Next make the breast strap. This will go from the heart girth strap around the chest of the goat. Cut 60 inches of webbing and fold in half to 30 inches. Cut fabric 30 inches long and again, width either to fit or double whatever you prefer. Sew these together. The breast strap attaches to the heart girth strap at the point of shoulders.

Now cut 36 inches of webbing and this will be attached to the heart girth strap. This is the cart strap. Center this new piece over the top of the withers mark and attach it there. Sew the two straps together for 10 inches in the center (so 5 inches down each side). Add the flat edged rings at the end of where you sewed. *The snaps are then called for at the end of the cart straps.

The next part confused me for the longest time but I think I've figured it out! 
Cut 8 inches of webbing, place on top of the cart strap, centered and attach it just at the ends. The reins will go through the loop and up to the halter.

Now cut a 16 inch strap and a 26 inch strap of webbing. Sew 3 inch loops at the ends of the 26 inch piece. In the center, sew one end of the 16 inch webbing. The other end attaches to the heart girth strap (opposite the breast strap side).

Finally, cut 72 inches of webbing. Sew one end on the heart girth strap opposite the breast strap. Put it through the two loops you'd made from that 26 inch piece above, make sure it's flat and not twisted! :) Then attach to the other side of the heart girth. I've seen this called various names, like rump strap, breech strap or simply breeching.

Voila! Try it on your goat.
If you need to take it in simply fold and sew it in an X.

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  1. Thank you for such a detailed post! The only problem is that I can not see the pictures. Any idea if there is something I need on my computer to be able to see them. All I see is a square and ! inside.