Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to make a goat halter

So once I accomplished the goat harness,
I decided to try to make a halter for Chip.

Again, these directions came from the 4H harness goat project packet that the extension office provided for me.
(Inside it's marked with the logos from Michigan State University, Ohio State University and Cornell University.)
I modified as needed 
Nylon Webbing - $1.50 
I used a ratchet strap from the dollar store 
 Metal Rings (3) - $1.77
Easy to find at our local hardware store

Buckle - $0
Used the one off Emmetts old collar
Eyelets - again I temporarily used one of my scrapbooking eyes, but I was able to borrow a tool and eyelets from a friend and hopefully these will be much stronger! :)

Cost - $3.27
Remember that I recycled the buckle and haven't paid anything for the eyelets yet. 

I thought the sizing would be off since Chip has a small head,
so the measurements for around his muzzle I cut in half,
but the straps to go around his head I left the same.

I cut two pieces of 6 inch webbing.
(double for a larger goat as directions called for 12 inch pieces)
On one of them I sewed a ring at each end.
The other piece, I attached one side to a ring, 
and then slipped a loose ring onto it before attaching to the other ring.
Then I cut 11 inches of the webbing,
and sewed one end to one of the rings and the other end I attached the buckle.
Next cut a 22 inch piece of webbing. 
Sew it to the other end ring and at the other end put your eyelets.
These two straps go around the back of the head to buckle.
You can see the buckle straps are a bit long on him, but we just looped them around.
(yep, we have scurs to tackle before fair too!)
All that is left really is to attach reins.
Now Good Ole Boy and Bug need to hustle up on that cart! 


  1. Great instructions and what a money saver. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for visiting Heidi! I hope they were easy to follow. If you have any questions let me know and I'll try to help. :) It was a HUGE money saver! Cart supplies are NOT cheap. I was really happy to finally get the instructions, I had such a difficult time finding them.