Friday, August 26, 2011

Curriculum Lineup 2011

It's that time of year again.

Time to share what we will be using this year in school.
(to see 2010 curriculum click here)

As y'all know, we use the Weaver Curriculum.
We will be picking up  Vol. 5 where we left off in June.
We love Weaver!
I use the Supplement with Sis for upper level learning on the same topics that the Volume covers.
The Day by Day is a daily planner with suggestions for what to teach each day.
I am not a slave to the DBD, I use it as a guide.

We should finish Volume 5 mid year.
At that time, I want to go through 
Genesis One.
To do this, we need a chemistry set.
And since we are studying Chemistry,
AND since the school Sis plans on attending suggests Chemistry is needed,
(Sis plans on attending a local 'beauty' school and getting a cosmetology license)
we will also be doing a year long Chemistry curriculum this year.
It's a new name to me, but I found it searching and it looks fun, yes you read that right, it looks FUN.
This will be a first for us.
Adding an extra full time science course.
Prayers appreciated. :)
(Bug will be doing it too as she is very 'sciencey',
so I will be gearing her remaining school years more heavily in the sciences.)

Math needs to be added to Weaver.
We will again be using Switched on Schoolhouse for the older two girls.
And Hunny will still be using AOP Lifepacs.
(which I still didn't photograph!)

Sis and Hunny went through alot of "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" last year.
This year I plan on focusing more with Hunny in this area.
I will let Sis continue with the lessons from the book, 
but I hope to spend time specifically working on reading a few times a week with Hunny. 

I am also planning more time with Bug and her reading issues.
Actually her reading is progressing quite nicely, but her spelling....
(Bug, while not officially dx'd has many dyslexia symptoms that we are working on)

Sis will be continuing the lit program from last year.
She will also be doing more writing this year.

We will be continuing in Hebrew.
Which is what I personally am struggling with.
The symbols confuse me and to assist my brother in teaching her, I need to know what is going on.
So I *hope* to make progress for her in this area.

We will also be continuing Latin.
We need to finish up Level A
then hopefully move on to Level B.

Bug has talked for years about wanting to learn Ancient Egyptian.
I found this
for her!
It'll be a mostly for fun thing, but will be a step towards her goal.
(and If anyone knows of a curriculum for learning this, 
please comment!!)

And of course,
I still have these for grade guidelines.

So that is our curriculum run down.
We will have extra curriculars too.
Bug and Hunny will be playing soccer this fall.
I hope to take part in gym class and karate.
We are still active in 4H.
We stay busy and learn alot every year.



  1. You're a brave woman. For years I've wanted to homeschool, but I haven't taken the plunge. And Latin... I'm impressed.

  2. LOL! I don't think I'm brave, but thank you! :)
    It's always felt right and natural to keep them home and teach them.
    You can do it! Well, first PRAY about it and make sure your husband is also inclined and if you feel God saying "Yes" GO FOR IT! We all make mistakes but that's ok, that's life! There are lots of great curriculums out there and now with the internet its so easy to find people for support and so many areas have local support groups too.
    Sorry to babble on, I know the thoughts sometimes are overwhelming, I just wanted to encourage you - if you are feeling the leading - you should try it. :)